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diaper bag rec

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After 7 years of hard use our WeeBees diaper bag is gasping its last breaths.  So, I am in a market for a new diaper bag, but I have been pretty spoiled with this one.  Here are the things I require smile.gif


--We cloth diaper so I need a reasonable place to keep a wet bag, plus enough room for a days worth of Kissaluvs (with doublers) and an extra wool soaker.


--One kid is a puker in the car so I need enough room for a change of clothes for her


--One child has food allergies so I need to have room to bring a days worth of food for her


--I love the 2 side drink holders I have now and would love another diaper bag with them


--Some extra space for other incidentals


So, in a nutshell I need a big, cloth diaper friendly diaper bag.  I am kicking around the idea of getting an LL Bean rucksack (I wish the website would let me look inside, if anyone has one can you tell me about the compartments??) or some other multicompartment backpack as I like the idea of being able to carry it on my back (the WeeBees one had that option, but it never felt right on my back).


Can anyone give me a recommendation?  I wish I could find a gently used WeeBees diaper bag, but google searches have come up empty greensad.gif





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Petunia Pickle Bottom and Ju Ju Be are probably going to be the best shot at finding what you're looking for in a diaper bag.  They are a little costly (I'm not sure how much WeeBees sold for but since it's lasted you so long I'm going to bet it was a little costly.) but are worth every single penny.  The customer service if something goes wrong is fantastic, the construction and design are brilliant, and they're actually cute!  Plus, you can usually find a lot of them used for a lower price.  ;)

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Thanks for the response.  Those are definitely more than I wanted to spend.  Yes, the WeeBees one was on the pricier side at $89.  We settled on this Jansport backpack http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0047FWSZ4/ref=oh_o00_s00_i00_details


I just got it all packed up today and I love it!   It has lots of compartments to keep stuff separated and I love that it is designed to be carried on my back.  And the laptop sleeve perfectly fits my changing pad from my WeeBees bag :)

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