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See I keep telling myself that eating healthy is most important. But I also need to be exercising more. I went to my centering pregnancy group yesterday and I was the heaviest one there. I weighed 224.4 lbs. I am overweight and I know it. I have gained a pound now and that's it. I did feel extremely uncomfortable yesterday though.... I guess getting pregnant at the heaviest I have ever been was not something I planned. I know after Eleanor is born I will be breastfeeding, chasing DSS, and going to school. I am bound to loose some weight. I plan on using those four months after she is born to try and get in better shape before school starts. I am just very depressed about my weight in general right now. Having my Papaw tell me at Thanksgiving that I wouldn't make to April with this baby, kinda hit a nerve. I would love to be smaller and look pregnant, not just.... larger. 
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Cseky- I'm so sorry you feel this way about your weight.  I too have struggled with my weight in the past.  It's a horrible place to be to feel so uncomfortable in your own skin and at the same time feel powerless to change it.


I have also gained more weight than I'd like with this pregnancy.  I'm 23 weeks and have gained about 25 lbs.  It's my 3rd, completely unexpected.  When I got pregnant I was 4 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I was so close!  Now I'm dealing with resigning from my job due to excessive stress and illlness, an 18 month DD, a 4 yr DD, and HUGE bills.  My husband has to get a 2nd job.  I've been sick with one thing or another for 5 months.  So now I'm just trying to be nice to myself.  As long as the baby gets what he needs I'm happy even if that means I get a little extra.  


You see, when I was pregnant with DD#2 I didn't gain very much weight in the 2nd trimester (2 lbs).  I'm not sure why.  I think it was because of stress at work (it has been stressful for a long time).  I took a LOA in the 3rd trimester and ate well, exercised, and rested.  In fact, in the end I gained the same amount of weight as w/DD#1 and was told repeatedly how huge I was.  'Are sure you aren't carrying twins?' 'Are you sure of your due date?'  'There is no way you'll carry this baby to 40 weeks.'  Or my favorite, 'OMG, you are HUGE!' I was able to carry her to 40 weeks and delivered at home.  And while overall she was healthy, she was small- 6 lbs 20.5 inches.  You could see her ribs and hip bones.  She had practically no fat at all.  I was disturbed by her appearance and grateful I changed my life to take better care of myself.


You will lose the weight, but in the meantime please remember- You are beautiful and doing the most beautiful, amazing thing that anyone can do- growing a healthy baby! 



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cseky, I'm sorry you're feeling bad.  I know this won't help, but there's not a ton you can do at this point, except doing your best to be healthy, which is sounds like you're doing.  I'm one of those people that gain weight all over, and i think its just what my body needs to do to grow a baby.  So yeah, I'm not going to make any magazine covers, but it is what it is.  And as for what people say--well, sometimes they just want to say something you know?  Hugs to you....hug2.gif

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Originally Posted by AnnaB77 View Post

I am 5'8 with a pre-pregnacy weight of 165lbs. I was doing really well until me last appointment at 21 weeks. In 4 weeks between the appointments I gained 11lbs which is a total of 21lbs. I am really not sure how it happened. Most of what I eat is healthy. Although I admit to the occasional Orange Julius and pretzel while shopping. My doctor told me that it was too much and that I need to start exercising more and that I need to watch what I eat. Now I am trying to cut back but I feel like I am starving all the time.


Any suggestions?

I was 5'8 at 152, am at 174 now (22lbs). I told my MW I was concerned about my weight gain. She lectured me...on the importance of not thinking about weight numbers! She kept emphasizing veggies, fruits, and proteins. No sugar, and if I must indulge, NO SUGAR ON EMPTY STOMACH. She says if I follow those rules, any range of weight gain can be healthy. It made me feel a bit better. She also emphasized that I could gain a ton right now, and level off over the third trimester. 

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I am generally petite. I am about 5 ft (technically 4'11.5 last time I was measured...which was years ago). My average pre-preg weight is about 120-125 I think....but I really don't weigh myself much. I have seriously weighed myself like only twice in the past year! Although I don't weight a lot, I do try to keep my weight in check (just by looking at myself visually). With being so short and having a family history of being over weight, I know how easily weight can get out of control.

I am currently 34 weeks pg with my 5th. I don't know my for sure pre preg weight but it would be probably somewhere between the above range give or take.
I was weighed at the hospital Saturday and I was 131....which really shocked me. I so figured I would be about 149. I am bigger with this pg than my others and I started out a little bigger too. But I had a lot more nausea with this pg than the others so I am sure that kept my weight down as I didn't eat much of anything. And by the time I got over the nausea my belly was so big I didn't have much room for food....so I can tell that I definitely eat a lot less than I did before I got pg.
But I still have those last few weeks of pregnancy and those are the ones that are known to pack on the lbs so who knows what my final weight will be. But I can tell just by looking at my legs and such that I have lost weight in them.


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