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Still bleeding

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It'll be a month tomorrow, and my flow still hasn't stopped.   I seem to remember it taking awhile the other times too, but all those baby email updates I get keep saying that it should have stopped by now.  Maybe I'm bleeding more because of the rupture?  I'm reasonably active, but don't think I'm overdoing it or anything.  Anyone else still bleeding?

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Mine just stopped last week, at almost 6 weeks.  It stopped a little bit sooner after the c-section.  It had been quite light for a couple weeks but it was still there. 

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I have always heard 6 weeks as well.  Hang in there!

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I'm at about 3 1/2 weeks and I'm still bleeding too. I had overdone it a couple of times and my bleeding increased, but after a few days (and lots of rest) it practically disappeared. Mostly, it's really light/not much more than spotting. With DS1 I stopped bleeding in about a week or so. I had my first period at 6 weeks. This time around it's been very different. I've read both that I should have stopped bleeding and that some women bleed for 6 weeks. As long as it doesn't get heavy, I'm not going to worry about it unless my MW expresses some concern at my 6 week PP visit.

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I can't wait to stop wearing pads!  Also, I'd really like to one day have sex again...

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Im pretty much done bleeding and Im six weeks pp.  Do they say that when you stop bleeding is when you can have sex again?  I had a part of my tear that wasn't stitched and Im nervous that sex will mess up the healing process... anyone have thoughts on that? 

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My c-section discharge instructions say I can resume sexual activity after my flow stops and incision is healed.  They say 6 weeks, because that is generally when your cervix is closed again.  I imagine it would be similar with stitches--whenever they are healed, and you feel comfortable with it.

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I'm at 3wks and there is no sign that bleeding will stop, although it's slowed significantly... I thought it was stopping last week, but then it resumed again. As with other PPs, I've heard 6 weeks.

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i'm still spotting, over here.  it stopped for a few days and then picked up a bit again.  with my other 2 it continued until about 6 weeks.

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I am almost 4 weeks and still spotting with some occasional light bleeding...especially after the bathroom..seems like it usually stops all the way at 6-7 weeks for me...

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mamareba I had second degree tearing and no stitches, which freaked me out, I was certain I would, or did, somehow tear it again from normal everyday activity.  When I went in for my 6 week visit I asked the midwife to do a pap and check my healing at the same time, just to be sure.  She said I was fully healed, no need to worry at all.  HTH

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5 weeks tomorrow, random spotting. DH is very much looking fw to it being gone! lol...birth control anyone?! ;-)


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re: Birth Control : My midwife just brought it up at our six week visit.... copper IUD sounds easy and I like that it has no hormones.... Is there any reason anyone knows NOT to use this method? We don't like condoms, and diaphragm and cervical cap seem like a pain to use.  I can't take the pill because it makes me a madwoman! Im interested in what everyone's plans are? I wouldn't particularly mind getting pregnant again soon but we can't afford it! we didn't use any protection for a year and a half and finally got pregnant... so I was banking on not having to worry about birth control and just diving right in to sex whenever we wanted, like before... but my mw warned it may not be the same as it was before I was pregnant. thoughts? 


Thanks for bringing this up DLynn! Im eager to figure out what Im going to do... me and my guy are getting antsy, Im almost 7 weeks pp. 

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I've had the copper IUD twice (once before having babies and one in between). I liked the simplicity of it, so I'm planning on getting one again.

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I think I'll probably be doing the copper IUD as well.  I am eventually probably going to get tubal ligation done, as I can't have any more kids.  I want to get the Essure procedure, but not sure if anyone here does it yet, so if not it will be a tubal.  BF has said he will get a vasectomy instead, but this is his only baby, and I'm the one who can't get pregnant again, so it makes more sense for me to get the permanent procedure in case we break up, then he can still have more one day if he wants to. 


Anyways, I'll do the IUD first, as I'm not into signing up for surgery again any time in the near future.  I've heard most people are happy with it.  I need something non-hormonal because of my blood clotting problem, so that eliminates a lot of options.  I hate condoms.  I've used the sponges before, and still have some left, but they are expensive as I have to order them over the internet. 


Anyone else heard of Essure?  I hadn't, but it sounds like a really good permanent option.  www.essure.com

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When it's time to consider it, I'll go back to the copper IUD. I liked it when I had it before and I can't do hormonal BC at all... ever again. I go bonkers on that stuff too.


Though, as a single mama, I don't really need to worry about that right now. I have my hands full with one little man! I can't imagine having to maintain an actual relationship on top of all this! LOL

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