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Crunchy Charlotte?

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Hi Ladies,

I am looking for some information on the Charlotte (or outside Charlotte) area. Where would be a good place to live for a couple who wants a crunchy area with access to local food, wants to have outdoor space, and like-minded people?


I am also looking for info in advance, but what are homebirth options in the Charlotte area?



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I don't know where you are originally from, but the whole area has lots of farmer's markets and local produce.  That's not difficult to find.  For "crunchy" areas, I'd say Davidson, and the college influences that as well.  It's kind of pricey for homes (IMO), so I didn't look there.  I ended up in Tega Cay, SC, the other side of Charlotte, and there is local produce and meat easily available in the local stores.  I think that the whole area is pretty casual, but it's also pretty conservative.

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