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My home birth that ended up unassisted

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I haven't posted a whole lot but wanted to share.  


On Monday, Oct 10, at 40 weeks exactly, I had my midwife strip my membranes. I had regular contractions for a few hours but they never got any stronger so the next day we tried it again and had the same response. Contractions were pretty regular but not getting stronger or lasting any longer. On Wed, Oct 12, late morning I broke down when I was reminded by my midwife that I really wasn't and hadn't been in active labor yet and I needed to relax. Frustrated with my body, I gave up and decided to just go out and do a bit of shopping and make sure we had groceries for the next day or so. My DH had stayed home from work that day (things had seemed so promising that morning) so I left my DS with him and my mom and I took off for some shops. 

At 2 pm we went to pick up my teenager from school. The contractions had picked back up. My MW called to check on me and apologize for getting me so upset.  I told her that it was all ok and that nothing was really that different. We drove home and got there about 2:30. Once we walked in the door the contractions picked up. Soon they were 5 min apart and lasting a minute. Then they were closer and longer. At 3:10 my mom went to pick up my 5 yr old from school and I told my DH to fill the birth pool up because I was NOT going to not make it to the pool this time. I went back in the bathroom (same room my DS was born in) and things picked up big time. Maybe 1-2 minutes between contractions and they lasted the same amount of time. At 3:20 pm I called my midwife. She was 30 min away and on her way over. 

Around 3:30 pm, I went out to the living area to get in the pool. My teenager had made some popcorn for the littles and they went back in their bedroom to watch a movie. I got in the pool. Contractions feel SO much better in the pool. I had 2 good contractions and on the 3rd one I thought "Oh crap, this is going to happen now". I told my mom and DH to get my Midwife on the phone just in case we needed her advice. Mom fumbled with the phone, DH fumbled with the phone, all the while another contraction came on and I knew this one was it. 

DH was talking to midwife and I started to push.  Mom said don't push yet and I told her that I wasn't doing it on purpose.   I felt down and felt a bulging sac and realized that the baby was being born in the caul. The body slipped out and that was when the sac popped. I looked down and saw that the baby had the cord around her neck so I lowered the baby back into the pool and unlooped the cord, lifted the baby out of the water and leaned back. We grabbed a blanket and covered up the babe while she let out a cry. I sat in the pool holding my new babe and shortly afterwards my midwife arrived to help with the last stages of the birth. She had great coloring and an apgar of 9. We were both more than fine. I felt amazing. 

Piper Drew was born at 3:43 pm at  7lb10oz and 20 inches. She is perfect!

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Congratulations! Those babies just have a mind of their own, don't they? I love her name. I hope you're enjoying her!

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What a great story!  Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. joy.gif

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amazing! congratulations! that was almost us last time... glad it went so well and you sound like you stayed calm and present and birthed your baby beautifully.

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Congratulations! Welcome, Piper.

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What a great story. I love her name. Congrats!!

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Wow, congratulations!!! Welcome, Piper! joy.gif

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Love the name! Congratulations!

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Congratulations!!!  So amazing.!

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Her name is wonderful!  Congrats!!!

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Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your story!  It sounds like a beautiful birth (though not how you expected) and so good that you stayed so calm and relaxed... it sounds like a wonderful way for Piper to have entered the world.

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What an amazing experience!  Congrats mama.

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wowzers! What a spitfire! Congrats on your baby girl!
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