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6 week growth spurt... lots of crying??

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Hi everyone! so glad to stay a part of the DDC in this group! 


Cassidy had a growth spurt around 3 weeks I think, but now I think we're doing it again.  she's at 6 weeks tomorrow.  And she seems very upset the past two days and doesn't want to go to sleep.  She had two meltdowns today that were the biggest I think i've ever seen her have! It was so sad.  She does want to nurse a lot and Im hoping my supply can keep up!  


Anyway, my question is ... is this a growth spurt? does it hurt the los to grow? and what are everyone else's experiences so far with spurts? 



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Hey mamareba!


It does sound like a growth spurt. Your supply will definitely keep up, just keep on nursing all the time! It is so frustrating when they are fussy and nursing so much. hug.gif


Kellymom on growth spurts



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I think we're in the midst of another growth spurt as well, Sydney's 7 weeks today and for the past two days she's been eating more often and sleeping a lot less and incredibly fussy.  Last night she didn't go to sleep until 11, was up at 2:30, wouldn't go back to sleep until 5 (fed twice and changed her diaper what seemed like 6 times in there), up again at 6:30 (nursed her lying down so I could sleep at this point), up again at 7, again at 8 and finally for the day at 9.  Mommy was not very happy today, especially when she woke up screaming to be fed at 9 and at the same time my 3 year old decided to do the same.  I took her to the chirpractor and she's finally been sleeping ever since, love my chirpractor!!


Hang in there, the best part is after all this they sleep a lot for a couple days, and they've built up your milk supply so you'll have more success pumping if you want to freeze a couple bottles to have on hand for the occasional night out.  I'm thinking I'm about ready for a mom's night out, my mom's group does this every other month, or as often as we need it.  Leave the kids with dad and go for a couple hours for drinks and appetizers, where we usually end up telling stories about our kids and sharing/laughing at our "bad mom" moments, it helps when I realize I'm not alone!

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