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looking for a VBAC friendly midwife in hagerstown area

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my family just recently moved to Martinsburg WV, however our insurance only covers maryland providers.


A few weeks ago I had an appointment at Midwifery Care Assoc in Frederick, but I really didn't feel like they were right for me, and their closest office is over an hour away, and hospital is close to 2 hours away. I have also heard it takes forever to get an appointment there, with my previous miscarriage I am not sure waiting till 12 weeks pregnant is going to work for me.


I am not currently pregnant, but we have been TTC for some time, so I hope soon, we will be expecting.


Can anyone point me in the direction of a VBAC friendly provider. My first was born by crash c/s with general anesthesia, my second was an all natural VBAC, and I just can't even fathom going back into a c/s.


Thanks for your help!

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I don't know if you've already looked at the BOA website, but it's a good place to start. (http://www.birthoptionsalliance.org/MidwifeList.pdf)


There's also the ACNM 'Find a Midwife' site: http://www.midwife.org/rp/find.cfm


Good luck with your search!

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thanks for the link - I have been studying it, it seems though, as though most of them on the list are too far away (over an hour) or don't work within the insurance.


As much as I would love a homebirth, or to birth at a free standing center, I have to work within my insurance plan, as I can't afford to pay for these services up front - I already pay an arm and a leg for the insurance.

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I totally understand.


Did you try to the ACNM search tool? I typed in Martinsburg, WV and it looks like the nearest practices with CNM's (located in MD) are:

Women's Health Center at Robinwood (Hagerstown)

Capital Women's Care (Hagerstown)

Midwifery Care Associates (which you already tried)

Simmonds & Simmonds (Frederick, MD)

and then Shadygrove (Germantown)


Hope that helps.

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yeah, I looked into these:


Women's Health Center at Robinwood (Hagerstown)

Capital Women's Care (Hagerstown)


- they both deliver at a hospital that will refuse a VBAC unless the O.R. is unoccupied - which makes zero sense - "oh no, you can't have a vbac if the OR is full, you will have to hold that baby in until I can cut you open" as per ICAN.org's website.


and Simmonds and Simmonds is part of MCA - I am feeling so screwed.


I guess once I get PG, I will have to visit them, and discuss what the policies are - this time I don't plan on going to the hospital until I am closer to delivery. My VBAC was an 11 hour labor and I spend 8 of those hours in the hospital - I don't think I will get my way if I go too early next time.

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Im going to email a friend  Capital Womens care delivered 2 of her daughters and I dont think she was in the OR.  I'll see if she will post.

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thanks! :)

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Sorry if this is super obvious but have you contacted ICAN of Baltimore?  http://www.icanofbaltimore.org/site/


Also this group may be able to help you - they have a Facebook Group too I think: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/birthingcircleAA/


I realize both of these links are quite a haul for you but either may be able to point you in the right direction and/or know someone working in your area.  Good luck!  


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I have been in contact with ICAN of western maryland,


I'll have to check out the yahoo group. thanks. :D

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I delivered my two VBAC's with Capital Women's Care in Hagerstown at Robinwood.  I believe they do have midwives there, although mine were both delivered by one of the doctors.  The doctors do range in their comfort level on VBAC's.  For my first VBAC the doctor on call only delivered 1 other vbac before me (his wife) and was quite antsy, and I still had a successful delivery.  The second time I had one of the women doctors who was new to the practice but had delivered many, MANY vbacs before and again it was all good.  Just go in informed and they will work with you.  I didn't have any issues with the hospital policies, but they do have a new hospital now which I'm unfamiliar with.  Oh and also they do require constant fetal monitoring, but with the last hospital they had a 'remote' belt that you could get up and move around and weren't 'wired in'.  You kind of had to know about it to ask for it.  It could go in the shower too.  I assume it got sent to the new hospital too.


Hope this helps.

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that is quite reassuring. I know I would prefer one of the midwives catch, instead of a doctor. But I will also be going in MUCH later this time. Not going to spend 8 hours in the hospital with all that stress again. My labor slowed WAY down last time once I got to the hospital. So this time I am going to hold out until I hit transition.


I read on ICAN's website that if you go to the hospital and someone is already in the OR they will refuse your vbac. Do you know if this is true? I'd rather leave AMA and deliver in the parking lot if that is the case.


Anyway, yes that does make me feel better. I had to have constant monitoring last time too - another good reason to stay home as long as possible.


Now, I just have to convince my eggs to catch the sperm - sigh... 2 years 7 months, enough is enough.

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Sent you a PM. :)


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Let me know if you find anyone you like. I live in Jefferson Co. WV, and had an awful c-secction at City Hospital. I'm going to be consulting with a wonderful midwife in a few weeks about an HBAC, but I still have some concerns that a hosp. VBAC may be a better option. Best of luck to you.

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good luck with the Midwife you found! I would love a HB, but we are restricted by our maryland insurance plan - we have to use a provider in MD. The homebirth MW I found in WV sounds great, but we can't afford her :(


I have been talking with Karen Brindle CNM currently with Capital Woman's Care in hagerstown, and I think this is the practice I will be going with, but I think I will have a fight on my hands, When it does come time for delivery, I won't be going in any earlier than transition!

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Thanks, if things don't work out for the HBAC (I have a few issues that may knock me  out of the ring so to speak) I will deff. look into them.


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