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Originally Posted by Abraisme View Post

I was inspired by this thread to try to catch a pee after nap time.  I've tried twice and both times she acted like I was torturing her the moment that I held her over the sink.  Maybe she associates the sink area with bath time?  She hates baths, so it's possible..  She's a pretty easy going baby, so it's odd that she gets so offended when I hold her up.

If she doesn't feel secure she may act like that too.  Try a little potty.


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Abra, lame! Maybe use a little potty in a room that's not the bathroom?


A couple questions for your more experienced ECers:


How long do you sit your babe on the potty/hold him or her over the sink/toilet?  If she doesn't pee right away, should I just try again later?  Or do I let her sit there for a minute first?

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Originally Posted by MrsKatie View Post

How long do you sit your babe on the potty/hold him or her over the sink/toilet?  If she doesn't pee right away, should I just try again later?  Or do I let her sit there for a minute first?


Yes, I want to know this too! I've held Sora over the toilet twice today thinking I was going to catch a poop because she was grunting and bubbly-mouthed and irritable but she never let it out at those times! I was thoroughly confused and gave up. It also didn't help that she was getting mad after I was holding her bare lower half in the air for so long waiting...waiting...waiting...to no avail.


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Alright I'm going to try to catch a pee after this nap......wish me luck!

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Good luck!

I hold him over the potty for about a minute? If he doesn't go but I know he needs to I will put him up on my shoulder and walk to a different room, telling him, "please tell me when you're ready to pee." Then I will offer someplace else. But we have potties everywhere. If I'm not sure he needs to go I will pull his pants back up and say the same thing.
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Usually he'll go right away.  If not, I'll wait about a minute and make the pssss sound a couple times.  Still nothing, then I'll lay him on mat for a bit and try again or nurse and try again.

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Ok thanks!  Also, what sound do you use to cue a poop?


We had 5 pee catches today (and lots of misses, too)!

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I say psh and bbbbb, like quiet shushing and I quiet motorboat. I don't use seperate sounds. Shay made
The motorboat sound for about a week at 3 months one week. He got a cold and currently isn't signaling at all, but I like that there is a potty sound he can make.
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Thanks, everyone!  Today I caught 4 poops (yeah, I have a major pooper... and she did a 5th in her diaper!), a handful of pees, and had a handful of misses, too.  It's funny starting this, because I'm in potty mode 24/7.  Does she need to pee or is she tired?  Does she need to pee or did she just adjust her position in my arms?  Does she need to pee or is my milk just letting down too fast?  I think you get the idea...  Anyway I tried at least twice as often as she actually peed/pooped, cause I just don't know all her signals yet.  There were many times she peed and in retrospect I couldn't figure out what her cue had been, you know?  I'm confident we'll have fewer and fewer misses as time goes by.


What do you guys do at night?  It's so hard for me to imagine dragging myself out of bed to take her to the potty, but I'm willing to do it.

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With ds1, I kept a little potty by the bed on a little water proof mat.  I would just sit up in bed, put the potty in front of me, potty him, throw a wipe or prefold in the potty to absorb the pee so nothing spills, lay him back down, diaper him, put the potty on the floor, and snuggle him back to sleep.  I'd deal with the potty if I got up to pee or in the morning.  I haven't started pottying Avery at night b/c he's sleeping so well.  In fact, if he sleeps through the night like he often has been, he doesn't pee until he wakes up in the morning anyway.

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I just keep her in a prefold without a cover and change it as I notice it gets wet.  With a prefold belt and a stack of diapers under my pillow I don't have to sit up.  but I do have a potty within reach if we need it.

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EC is going really well over here!  I only wish I'd started earlier!  KJ had to pee a LOT throughout the night (her mom does too, so maybe she gets that from me...).  I took her to the potty at 10:30, 12:30, 5, and 7:30, and she peed every time (pooped, too, at 5).  I'm not catching everything by far but I was shocked at how few diapers I had to put out last night (we have a cloth diaper service) compared to every other week!

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Very cool, Katie!  That is a good bit of nighttime peeing. Shay poops between 5 and 7 most mornings, too. 


We had a lot of wet diapers last night, like the evening. I think he was just grumpish and not telling us when he has to go. He would pee about a tablespoon per diaper, which is just silly. 4 diapers in half an hour after almost a whole day in one diaper. Oh well. 

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Originally Posted by seraf View Post
He would pee about a tablespoon per diaper, which is just silly. 4 diapers in half an hour after almost a whole day in one diaper. Oh well. 

This is totally Avery!  Almost the entire day in one diaper and then boom- miss, miss, miss, miss.  Annoying!!


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How's everyone doing with EC? We seem to have good weeks and bad weeks, here. We're on a good streak right now, thankfully! He's been diaper free all day today other than when we were in the car and at the store and we've only had two misses!


I am trying to be more gung-ho about it, now, though. R is sitting independently, now and cloth diapers just aren't working for him in trying to do that. They are so bulky and seem to cut into his belly and he has a hard time staying seated. Without them, though, he sits just fine and can play with his feet and toys in front of him. Today I went to the store and got some training pants and some simple 'plastic pants' covers for him and I think we'll just do prefolds and regular covers at night and in the car. I'm fine with R being naked from the waist down when we are at home, but for the times other people are watching him (DH, my parents - when he play with R while I'm home and doing other things) I think the trainers and plastic pants will work well. He can sit and have a miss without being uncomfortable or making a mess. The size 2T trainers I got fit him almost perfect if a little long! lol!



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Lots of up and down here too.  I haven't been as attentive or in tune with his elimination needs so I am getting into miss cycles for entire days.  I hadn't missed a poop though for months until the other day when he suddenly changed his poop pattern and I missed it while brushing my teeth in the morning.  Sigh...  He's also been needing pottying in the middle of the night more often b/c occasionally he's going to bed much earlier and waking more often.  What sucks is that my diapers are getting worse and worse.  Honestly I only have about 10 diapers that are still waterproof so when I miss I usually have to deal with wet clothing on both of us.

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Jaimee, I had a similar night time pattern about a month ago, it gets better.  Shay has been staying dry at night again.  He actually goes without peeing some nights now.


Christina, did you go out of town? I missed you a couple of days.  Yay for the leap to trainers! I think you're at a great age for them.  


Shay wears trainers mostly.  Well, he wears t-shirts mostly, but when he wears somethig on his bum they are usually non water proof trainers.  He still wears diapers without covers at night because they are easiest to on and off.  We have 2-5 misses a day lately but that may be funny math because he might have 2 dribbles 5 minutes apart that we count as part of the same pee.  We are good for poops.  I think he has pooped outside the potty 3 times in the last month.  His poop pattern changed right before he started solids.  He poops one morning, then nothing until the next evening or the evening after, then 3 or 4 poops that evening, then a morning poop to restart the pattern.

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Oh, and I'm about to make shorties for both boys.  We never use covers except story time and doctor appointments with Sara.  I don't use covers at all because I don't like the bulk.

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How's it going for everyone? KJ now says "tsssss" when she needs me to take her to the potty, which is not only the sweetest thing on the planet but also a cue that makes this process much easier!

Sara - how's it going with Soren?
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Very cool, Katie!

Shay has more accidents on his belly on the floor, in the high chair and in the stroller. He was really clear with signals about poop at least but he has pooped in his pants a few times lately. Dry all night lately, lol.

Soren isn't offered as often yet, but we have managed to keep him in a dry diaper for a couple of hours a couple of times.

We are very distracted and washing diapers daily, in other words.
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