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Just Kate - You are a good voice of reason for me. I've been seperating myself big time over the last week. To this extent: DH and I own the barn buildings on the origional farmstead. His parents feed the barn cats. Our driveway is also their access to my FIL's work shed. So at any time I can see them in our driveway. This last week I've been making sure that I wait to get DS from the bus until after my MIL goes to the barn to feed the cats. She also takes one of the other grandsons because she babysits two brothers (my nephews) before the older brother gets off the bus at his house. Does that make sense? I really feel like this avoidance is working and making me feel like they aren't here. I don't mind my FIL he has been mostly nice all of these years. So if I have to go to their house for one reason or another, I make sure that MIL isn't there. For now my prayers are for peace of mind and wisdom for both myself and DH.


Why does life have to be so crappy and difficult??? 

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Hypnobabies! Thank goodness for Mothering or I'd never know about these kinds of things. I'm afraid (make that terrified) of an epidural and not thrilled with what I read of the effects ... but my pain tolerance is barely higher than paper cuts so unsure of what to do. But there's classes for hypnobabies in my area, so I think I will look into that.

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Adoremybabe - That is so hard.  My MIL stories used to be epic on MDC, lol, so I know what you mean.  She now lives somewhere in Mexico w/ DH#4 or #5, we're not sure.  Total nutcase.  I'm not sure what I would do if she lived next door.  The rest of my inlaws are awesome, wonderful people, and they have tried to make me feel welcome.  It doesn't replace my parents or the rest of my family, though, who are all 2000 miles away.  I miss them terribly and wish we were closer to them.  Can you pack up and go visit your family for a week?  Weekend?  That would help give you a nice rest from MIL and the IL drama.  I agree w/ the pro/con list, too.  I have to write letters to DH sometimes when I'm thinking clearly, and I can edit what needs to be said, as opposed to blurting things out when I'm upset.  It helps a lot, and he seems to understand where I'm coming from better.  Does your DH get along w/ your family, or does he feel the same way about yours as you do his?  I'm trying to understand why he wouldn't want to move closer to his work, at least.  I'd say w/ the pro/con list, maybe work out how much $ in gas you would save by moving closer, he could come home for lunch, etc. 


Use this example:  If gas is 3.50/gallon, and your car gets 27MPG, and he works 60 miles from home, that's 2.22 gallons one way, or 4.44 gallons round trip, at a cost of $15.54 per day...$15.54 x 5 days = $77.70 per week in gas alone, that's $310.80 PER MONTH!!faint.gif


Use the same numbers, if he was only 10 miles one way from work, 0.37 gallons one way, 0.74 round trip x $3.50 = $2.59 per day x 5 days = $12.95 per week, $51.80 PER MONTH!!  That's a savings of $259  per month!!  thumb.gif  I'm sure you guys could use that $$ somewhere else!!  Plus, he can come home for lunch, and he can sleep a little longer in the morning, and he's home before it gets dark.  Not to mention the savings on your car insurance for switching from commuter rates to low mile rates.


((yes, I'm a math nerd, leave me alone! wink1.gif ))  ETA:  You're currently spending $3,730 a year on gas, assuming it stays around $3.50/gallon and your car gets 27MPG...You'd save $3,108 a year by moving closer at those same #'s.  Consider how much your DH makes in a year, and how much of that the gas spending could account for of his income.  Moving closer would be like getting a raise!!

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So, I'm in BIG trouble. I just found out a local party store will deliver Ben & Jerry's for $5 a container with no delivery charge...guaranteed 30 minutes or less...24 hours a day!!! I'm going to be huge and broke now that I have this knowledge LOL

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oh my zuzu, that  IS trouble!!! have a bite for me!!!

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Man, delivery Ben and Jerry's sounds amazing :)


Anyone else getting kicked in unfortunate places? Yesterday bub was thwacking me in the bladder, and I swear I just felt a bop in my cervix. Isn't 17 weeks a bit too young for that? Clearly I have an overachiever.

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I have some Starbucks ice cream in my freezer....it's calling my name!

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Delivery ice cream?! Oh that is so bad. I would surely get myself into trouble too. Usually I can talk myself out of getting any ice cream at the store, but being able to get it on demand (er, upon craving) would surely be a bad thing. The effort required to drive to the store to satisfy a craving has been enough to keep me from any trouble so far (well, except for the pan of brownies when I found a brownie mix in the back of the cupboard).

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Lol DH is eating some Ben and Jerry's right now in front of me on the couch greensad.gif  I don't want it at all yet. I actually am just craving some cheese (like good expensive cheese) and crackers and a honey crisp apple....none of which are in my house.  Some day I will want the good stuff again, sigh, some day.... I miss wanting cookies and ice cream. right now, it makes me feel sick if I eat it so not worth it, someone eat a pint for me! Oh and preferably Dublin mudslide, yum.

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I'm excited to be told by my worry prone kidney clinic people that I don't need to see them for another six months! I donated in Feb. and ever since I told them I was pregnant last month they haven't known what to do with me, lol. They were going to run labs and have some type of meeting with the surgeons to figure out if I need anything( suggestions ranged from daily bp checks to early bed rest!) but I got the all clear from them ( not that I felt I needed it) to just keep going with my home birth midwife care:) Takes a big load off my shoulders since they didn't want me to get pregnant till a year after donation( most surgeons say six months which is what I did).

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SFMB - I'm jealous! Friends are telling me to stop being so eager to feel defined movement, because soon enough it'll become uncomfy and annoying. I can't help myself but think I'd rather be poked and know it's my baby in there than only feeling the rock. heehee


Ravensong - Yay for the all-clear! :) 


flavorful1 - I'm with you. Ice cream and cookies are of little interest. But I'm a sucker for brie and sliced apples at the moment. I could eat a whole wedge of brie and two apples and be VERY happy with myself. 

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Rosie, you will feel the baby soon!  and I dont know, even though it got uncomfortable at times, I always loved feeling my baby move!  Can't wait to hear when you do! and yes yummy apples!  Hope life is less crappy and difficult after this past week?


Last night during a nice two hours of insomnia....partially due to drinking half of a latte that was not decaff....I got to sit around and feel my baby thump on the outside.  It was cute and sweet to get a small thump thump every now and then and feel it move around.  I think it went through a growth spurt this past week.  The kicks were still softer than my DS at this point in his pg but I think it is bc I am more stretched out than last time lol.  Hope everyone is having a good morning!


Ravensong- happy for you that you got the all clear and I am curious about the story behind you donating?


Snflwr- totally getting kicked or punched in the cervix every now and then...do a kegel or two and the baby seems to move. I do not remember this so early last time!



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Totally OT - We had our first frost, so I went outside to visit the garden I have been neglecting over the last couple months. I pulled the rest of our carrots, a lingering few eggplants, and 8 pounds of hot peppers. EIGHT POUNDS. I know the peppers got happier later in the season, but I didn't expect this much. Need to figure out how many to give away and how many to can or dry...


EDIT: I just checked the definition. I picked over a peck of peppers today! lol.gif

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Rosie, that's awesome about the peppers.  Will you pickle some?  I had a billion serranos, jalepenos and banana peppers last year, and ended up freezing a lot of them because I was too intimidated to pickle them. 

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I raw-packed a bunch last year and used them for chilis and other dishes throughout the winter. I think I'm going to look into pickling them this year, but the recipes I've found call for canning lime, which I don't have on hand. That's why I didn't get to doing it yesterday. I don't want to peel all these peppers, so slicing is the way to go. Apparently canning lime keeps them  bit crispier, but when they go in chili it doesn't matter if they're crispy. Choices choices... :) DH and I do canning together, so it's usually fun and we're getting into a groove with it!

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