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Rhogam Shot

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I am RH- and 24 weeks pregnant. I went in for my check up on Friday and told my doctor I did not want the Rhogam shot in 2 weeks. I told him I will get it after this child is born but not while I am pregnant now. All my research has shown it's protection against sensitization is less than 1% and your blood usually doesn't mix with the placenta during pregnancy. I also told him that we aren't planning on having anymore children anyway. He was immediately drawn back and said no, you need to get it. Your next baby will die. I've had so many patients who told me they were done having children, didn't get the shot and then when they changed there mind and tried to have more children, they died or kept miscarrying. Everytime I told him no, he would tell me a different story until I finally told him fine, i'll get it. I really don't want to and know I will regret it. Can you tell me from your expertise what are the chances of our blood crossing one another during this pregnancy and maybe what to say to get him off my back about getting the shot. I really appreciate it. 

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I have to admit that I don't know enough about this to give you an answer.  Virtually all of my patients in your situation do get the shot. They now make it mercury-free, which is better.  I don't know the incidence of the blood mixing. 

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