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Need helo please!

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No better time than the present, right? So, I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but what are good credit repair agencies, websites, forums? I've heard mixed things about credit counseling places so idk if that is something I should look into. The reason I'm asking is because it is becoming ever more apparent that DP and I need to get our big girl panties on and start being adults. Her credit is slightly better than mine is so I was thinking we should start repairing hers since it would give us better results sooner. Currently we can't even get approved for a department store card. Naturally this stings because we are wanting to eventually buy a house and we will soon need a new car. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want to get current on bills, start repairing our credit and get a savings going. Its so overwhelming though, I don't know where to start. Help!?

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I found Dave Ramsey's baby steps REALLY helpful. And if you dig around enough on the internet (message boards,etc), you'll realize that you don't really need an agency...you can do it yourself.  You just need to know HOW.  Which is why DR was helpful to me.  It's all laid out and it's a pretty clear path.  There is a Dave Ramsey support thread on here that does a great job of outlining the basic principles...I've actually never read his book (Total Money Makeover) - just read enough online about getting finances in order to realize that his way makes a lot of sense to me (religious stuff aside).  There are other financial gurus too, but his methods seem most straight forward and the least intimidating. Hope that helps a little!


What you'll hear over and over again is that the first step is to lay out all your bills and outstanding debts and see where you are.  Sounds overwhelming and scary, but like you said, time to grow up and face it :). You'll also need to come up with  budget so that you can see where your money is going.  This usually entails going through past bank statements/receipts or tracking expenses for awhile. Once you are current on your bills you get to attack your credit cards/loans/etc. It's all systematic and it WORKS.  We've paid off over $40k on a less than stellar salary and dh's very rocky last couple of years of employment.  It can be done!!!

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creditboards.com  or creditboards.org   not sure which one it is but get yer panties over there and read, read READ....

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I second that.  Great boards.  But a little overwhelmingredface.gif. I like the spoon fed approach.

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