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Hello :)

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Hi there!!


Just thought id introduce myself..


Im Abbie, 21 years old, had my baby boy 16/06/2011, EDD was 16/09/2011.

Was 26+6 weeks when he decided to come out. Was 1030grams.

Was a very long journey through the NICU at Middlemore Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand.

We spent 80 long days in there, and finally came home 5th of September.


I think everyone that goes through the NICU experience is AWESOME! Not something i wish apon anyone. Found strength i never knew i had.


Braxton is now 4190 grams!! And is doing awesome, doesnt even look like a preemie :D


Anyways, would be lovely to hear everyone elses stories too.


Also, any Facebook users out there. Feel free to add me, and please like this photo of my not so little man hehe



Abbie & Braxton 
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Hi there,

What a cutie you have!

I'm also new to this forum.  Had my DS on 10/19 - about 6 weeks early and he's in the NICU.  Finding it extremely difficult to not be with him all the time and also feeling torn b/c I have another DS who is 2 and is having a really hard time w/ Mommy gone so much.  :(  Looking forward to finding some inspiration and reassurance in this forum.

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Welcome!  It can be quiet around here, but there are lots of us former NICU mamas around.  Good to have you both. 


NEastMomma, big hugs to you!  The NICU is a hard place to find yourself; I can't imagine doing it with a toddler too.  hug2.gif

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