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I feel you baby!

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So I'm just at about 11 weeks and I'm 95% sure I'm already feeling the baby move. I felt my 1st around 12 weeks with the light popcorn feeling. I have to say I'm really surprised it's happening so soon.  I think I felt the baby for the first time last Saturday with light flutters.


I was sitting next to my daughter last night and I felt a big pop which was very noticeable and then I felt it again last night while in bed. So excited! I know it's early but anyone else feeling the baby yet??

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I remember posting on another thread that I felt my second moving about 11-12 weeks, and then last week I was like, "no, that's impossible, the internet tells me it's not possible to feel the baby until much later: i must be remembering incorrectly." But I'm just over 11 weeks, and I swear I've felt the tiniest little baby flutter here and there. Not gas and in the right area. It's barely perceptible, and I can only feel it if I'm laying really really still in the right sort of position, but I'm pretty certain it's baby.

So...I'll go with... yes?




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I haven't yet, although I haven't really tried hard to feel anything either.  I'm 12 weeks tomorrow and this is number 4, but it's been almost 8 years since I was preggo so I don't remember when I felt the baby last time.  I was thinking it was around 14-15 weeks so haven't been expecting anything yet.  My uterus is tipped and I think it's around the beginning of the second trimester that it corrects itself so that should make it easier to feel the baby.  I can't wait!  It makes it seem so much more real.

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I have been feeling the tiniest little bubbles that feel like they are rapidly bubbling- if that makes any sense??? It is definitely not gas and it is low and it probably isn't baby but it is the weirdest thing. I felt my first at 18 weeks and my second between 16 and 17. After watching the baby on the u/s yesterday I am shocked that I can't feel it. It was moving like crazy, flipping back and forth! I can't wait until the real kicks start and my older two can feel it!!!

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I felt my girls early, too.  But not ds.  But, I eat junk with the girls and didn't with ds, so maybe it was gas?  But, then again, my guide has always been if it feels the same, yet gets stronger, it must have been the baby.  And that's always been true.  And gas doesn't feel like poking, which dd1 certainly was doing at 14 weeks.  It was a really weird feeling.  I know that ds mostly moved at night when I was asleep.  The very first time I felt him was with my hand on my belly at 20ish weeks.  It was 2am and I had just gotten a disturbing (turned out to be okay) phone call, and I was ramped up with adreneline.  I always wondered if I had an anterior placenta with him or something? 


Anyway, all the rambling to say that this certainly feels "boy" to me, and so, if it's anything like ds, I'm not expecting to feel him until later.  But, who knows really?  I am hoping to feel something in the next few weeks.  (I'm 9+5).

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Astraia and Linnie - glad I'm not the only who feels the baby early. Logically I'm thinking it's not the baby, but I remember what is was like before and it's the same this time. I can feel the baby mainly on my left side for some reason, all the popping is on that side.


Everyone else will be feeling their babies soon!

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I'm so jealous! I'm 11 weeks today, but haven't felt anything.


I wish I was showing / feeling movement instead of just fat and gassy!  :( :D

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I'm still not sure that's what I am feeling but I am feeling something weird down there...

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I've been feeling something down there off and on since yesterday.  Kinda a light ticklish fluttery feeling a couple times.  I like to think it's baby.  :-)  I'm 12 weeks today.

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I am with KM84.. I just feel fat and gassy!  Or maybe my baby is the gassy one?? HAHA Can I blame my gassiness on my kid yet or is it too early?? :P

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I'm 12 weeks now but I swear the other day as I was driving I felt the baby! It felt big though like a flip or something...I can't really explain it. DH was with me and saw my face and was like "What's wrong?!" I was like "I think the baby just flipped! OMG it moved! It's real!" LOL

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I am not even 10 weeks yet (Saturday...) and I swear I felt movement yesterday night while I was in bed reading. :) It was just the lightest little fluttering, and honestly I thought my dog was in the bed and it was her fur. When she jumped up on the bed ten minutes later I realized that it wasn't her, it wasn't gas, and it really could have been the baby!!! 

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I'm about 12 weeks now and I've been having the same fluttering sensation in the same area for a few days...I keep thinking it might be the baby too! I don't remember a fluttering feeling with dd though...I remember describing her first movements as bubbles popping...

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Awesome ladies. So nice to feel that baby moving around. I've been feeling her once or twice a day lately. 

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I haven't felt this little one yet.  But I remember thinking the first few times I felt my girls, it was like a fish tank treasure chest opening up and letting out bubbles in my waaaay lower tummy :)  Can't wait!

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Bah. I was feeling baby really consistently, once or twice a day, and for the last 4 days I haven't felt so much as a twinge :/ assuming baby has moved farther back or changed position or something? I'm disappointed. Not worried, just disappointed. I keep jabbing around that area trying to illicit a response but I think it's too early for that yet.

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Sorry, Astraia.  Once the baby starts moving, I feel like a junkie.  I get obsessed lying in bed at night trying to feel it.  I usually fall alseep before I do, though, lol.  I think that's what always happened with ds.  He was a night mover, and I just fell asleep before he moved.  Even later in the pregnancy, I'd go whole days and hardly feel him.  Nothing except his foot that he'd stick out the lower left side of my belly. 


I'm feeling my baby for sure now, too.  Feels tiny and flippy and pokey.  Yeah!

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I had a moment last night at about 1am...I was lying there awake (as usual) and the baby came and rested on the side I was lying, it was very low obviously but it still felt big IDK how to explain it but I felt the baby there for a good 10 mins before it moved.

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Wow!  My dd2 would always rotate to whatever side I was laying on, through the whole pregnancy.  It was like she was too passive to fight against gravity.  She's still like that.  Very laid back and easy-going.  It was funny, though.  I would roll from side to side, just to watch her flip back and forth.

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LOL Just1more.



I am definitely feeling something bubbly and determined. lol - Oh, I am so grateful to be able to feel this again and go through this again. I am so thankful <3 , after 5 years I was starting to mourn a little that there was no more children for us. I always felt like one was missing...Now, here He/She is!

Definitely a mover...I can hardly wait to greet the baby with kisses!

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