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How do you EC a newborn?!

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I am a FTM and I was planning on starting on EC from day one, but now thay our baby is here I am totally lost!  She is 4 weeks 3 days and all I've been able to manage is to say 'you're pooping' and give a cue when I hear her going.  She seems to pee and poo at totally random times, some days she'll save it all up and do one huge poop, others she just does little ones throughout the day.


When I change her diaper I tell her she can pee or poop and give the cue and once in a while she does, but I don't think that has anything to do with my cue.  I've tried holding her over the sink or toilet but it's very awkward and she gets upset.  She also has a lot of gas so it's hard to tell the difference between that and the real thing. 


I'd really love to EC, I was so excited about it, but I just don't know how to start, it's not as easy as it sounded!  Any tips or advice would be appreciated. 

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How are you trying to hold her to go?  You do need to find a comfortable position for her and you.  I would hold each thigh with a hand, and the baby's back would lean against my chest (or slump forward on themself). 


I personally never did the cue in the diaper thing, as I remember.  I may have talked about that having happened (oh, you just peed!), but I guess I felt I'd save the cue for when they were going in a receptacle (or when I was offering that).


I think it is easiest to get in snyc with a newborn (I've only done it with one) by carrying them around a lot and offering at regular intervals.  I'd offer upon waking and shortly after eating and often right before eating (but not if they were sleeping).


Babies are so good at reading our mood and frustrations and excitement and whatnot.  It is hard not to get frustrated that something isn't "working", but the more frustrated you get the less it works...





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I just did the cues any time I noticed her going. I tried holding her over the potty once but she hated it so I stopped. Now at three months I tried again on the little potty and it's working way better. Anything you do now is laying the foundation so hang in there!
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Thanks for your replies, I've started taking her right after she wakes up, after nursing etc.  I sit backwards on the toilet and she leans against my chest/arm and I hold her thighs, it is quite comfortable for both of us and she can look at me and smile etc.  The first couple of days she would sometimes go or not go, but now I think she is actually getting it!  She'll pee within a minute or two, even if it's just a little trickle she is at least trying.  So exciting!  joy.gif

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I found that EC'ing a newborn was SOOOO much easier than starting later (my first I started at 4 months, my second on the day he was born). Just keep being consistent with timing (waking up, after meals, etc) and she'll get the idea sooner than you think. :) 

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