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Hypothyroid at 120 lbs????

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I had been told a month ago that my tsh was just a little above normal and that I was hypo and needed medication. Now I have been dealing with thyroid problems for 2 yrs now I also have hashis. I dont understand how I can be so skinny trying to gain some weight eating all the time and I am being told I am Hypothyroid I am really frustrated and wanna know if there are more ppl with a similar issue. I can not find a single source of info about someone being too skinny and having hypo. I am also BF but have a low supply since a horrible reaction i had on the minipill

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I was dx with Hashi's at 115lbs.  I had a small goiter (only a doctor would notice) and thyroid antibodies but my TSH was normal.  My doc put me on a maintenance dose of levothyroxine (25 mcg).  This reduced the size of my thyroid to normal.  I sort of wondered if I really needed to take the medicine and let my prescription run out several years later after my daughter was born.  I was just busy and never got back to the doctor.  About six months later, I was literally going crazy, mentally shutting down.  I went back to the doc and he could see my goiter across the room and my TSH was over 70.  It took me a year to get straightened out - so even if you don't have all the "classic" symptoms, I highly recommend keeping up with the blood tests and taking hormone if you need it!  It may just be that you caught it very early.

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I have an appt for next week i would rather wait and see what this next blood test says, in the meantime i need to figure out what to do with my ferocious appetite.

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You could have hashi/graves, where you flip back and forth between hyper and hypothyroid. 

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You can be thin and still be hypothyroid. And being hypothyroid can affect your milk supply. (And cause problems if you are pregnant.)


My sister was very hypothyroid, but it took a long time for her doctor to check, since she didn't LOOK hypothyroid. I was diagnosed at about 25, back when I was still skinny.


Please follow up with your blood tests and doctor visits, and medication if it is indicated.

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carrying extra weight is a common presentation of hypothryoidism, but not the only one.

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My sister was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and has never weighed more than 110 lbs.

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I def. do know I have hashis! i found that out in 2009 but prepregnancy I had worked it out to normal somehow,with breastfeeding i try to be careful with what i take, when I take my naturethroid I get emotional and some hyper syptoms

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my milk supply has also gone up since some issues i had after a BC, My milk supply got better the first 3 days of my monthly cycle this past month I also felt a lil better so i dont get that I am wondering if this has to do with being overlyt sensitive to the low estrogen effect of BF

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I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at about 105lbs (underweight for my height)- before pregnancy I was about 120lbs, a more normal weight for my height. Mine is autoimmune as well and runs in my family - neither my mother nor I are large people, and although both of us have hypothyroidism it has never presented as weight gain.

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I really want to gain some weight back!!! i currently weigh 118 and i am breast feeding I do not count calories but I do eat a good bit im guessing at least 3000 calories sometimes more. my last blood test where my tsh was 5.6 and my free t4 was 1.4 is what had the doctor put me back on naturethroid but it makes me feel worse. anyone have experience with reading these numbers??

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Ask about getting checked for Celiac disease. (my sister is hypothyroid and has celiac, but does not have weight issues Her celiac issues were initially caught becuase of malabsorbtion of her thyroid meds) I am build differently and did lose a TON of weight breast feeding. (I am also gluten intolerant, and figured that out after no other conclusion could explain my chronic fatigue, but don't have any current thyroid issues) Get as many fats as you can, butter and oil everything, whole milk, make nut butter power/lara bars for snacks, ice cream, etc. Eat fat at every meal AND snack. Drizzle whole fat yogurt or cream of coconut on a fruit salad or make a fruit dip, nut butter on your apples or celery or toast, top your ice cream with nuts, take omega/fish oil supplement etc

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Thank you for your input flightgoddess! I do eat GF diet as a choice prepregnancy with all my thyroid issues prior too! I am gonna try adding lots more fats to my diet I did notice after drinking whole milk that it seemed i had a lil better supply and I normally do not drink milk. I just want to know if you decided to try a gluten free diet and felt  better or if you got tested as well?I really like the idea of ice cream! The fish oil thing is one problem for me I was taking nordic naturals and I was also experiencing lots of joint pain, I did research and found they have small traces of iodine in the supplement which I completely avoid iodine when I can it messes with my thyroid. I noticed after not taking the fish oils my joint pain was lessened to barely there.

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okay again thank you everyone! today I finally got a call from the doctors with my bloodwork! quest screwed up so it took an extra 2 week sso I truly do not trust these results!!! they said my tsh was 15.3 the last time my tsh was that high was when I took birth control ortho tricyclen or how ever that crap is spelled. i am so confused because half the time I feel like i am in menopause anymore and im only 25!!!! I failed to ask what my t4 was so I am gonna have to go pick up a copy of the results for my personal keeping.I just wanna gain weight and feel like me whoever that is at this point!! BTW naturetrhroid is my choice of med but it makes me evern skinnier when i am on it sometimes I feel hyper and I get a horrible pain in my neck. Im nervous about even daring to take synthetic again.

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