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Vitamin D3 when pregnant

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I am 25 weeks pregnant and currently I take prenatal gummies and an iron supplement. I am declining the flu shot, so I really would like to know if it's safe to take extra D3 while pregnant to boost my immunity? If anyone knows, what dosage is good? Thanks

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Oh currently my prenatal has 400 IU

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There are some recent studies showing that pregnant women should be taking more like 4000 IU of Vitamin D/day.  I don't have the link off hand, but I am sure you can google it.  There was a thread several months ago on MDC about it too which you can search.  Supposedly it also cuts risk of preterm birth dramatically.  I'm 33 weeks pregnant and have been taking that much the whole pregnancy except for days when I got a lot of sun.

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4000!? Wow that is a big difference. I'm waiting to hear what my doc says, I hope he knows this new information you spoke of.

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So my doc called and doesn't recommend more than 400 IU....

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I really was to boost my immunities..

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I also take 4000 iu daily, based on the new recommendations for pregnancy.  I don't have an ob, but my holistic family practitioner says that's good.

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Originally Posted by Dixielane View Post

So my doc called and doesn't recommend more than 400 IU....

My OTC prenatal has 1000 IU.  I doubt it would be that high if it wasn't completely acceptable.  I am in the "never *just* take my doctor's word for it, always research myself" camp, but you may want to look up medical journal articles on it through google-scholar and see what conclusions you come to yourself. 


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Has anyone taken citrical? I called my OB back and he said I could take this.. It has an extra 500 IU of vit d 3

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I take at least 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 all of the time (even when not pregnant).  The recommendation I've heard is 35 IU per pound of body weight and at least 5,000 IU for pregnant women.  I guess, with my prenatal vitamin, I get more like 5,800 IU.  Personally, I don't think that 400 IU is enough to make a difference.


Check this out:


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SO confusing lol I asked my OB but he said don't take more than 400 IU because too much can make you deficient in other vitamins...... I am not getting a flu shot and 400 IU seems so small compared to what everyone else is taking ... I want extra flu protection. 

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And not only am I 25 weeks preg I also am breastfeeding a toddler 3x daily....

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Your doctor has outdated information. It was long believed that higher doses of D3 can cause harm, but no study ever showed such thing. The link to the thread above will take you to the studies conducted, also http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/ has compiled them all and has good links.

I took a prenatal that had 1000 IUs (New Chapter, I recommend it as it also has folate instead of the lesser folic acid, is wholefoods based and hence better absorbed), a 5000 IU D3 pill (NOW brand) and fish oil (500mg DHA) daily. We have 8 months of winter here. Also, I did have preterm contractions with DS and he was born 37 weeks, weighing less than 5 pounds, I had somewhat elevated blood pressure back then (though all spontaneous birth). Both preterm labor and PIH and pre-E have been shown to be significantly reduced when high doses of D3 were taken. So I had my 6000 IUs daily and had no complications, a great pregnancy and birth and no flu (I would never get a shot when pregnant). For flu prevention you'd want 5000 daily minimum anyways, and if you do come down with it, take 20,000 daily to combat it.


It's a shame most docs don't know much about vitamin D3 and its proper dosage despite the excellent research at hand. And just so you know, the obgyn I first saw before I switched to midwives wanted a minimum of 1000 IUs daily.

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I really am not sure how to approach this then. I called my OB back, talked with the nurse.... they are a great office, just not "with" certain things I guess. She said I could take my prenatal gummie (400 IU Vitamin D3) plus Citracal (500 IU D3) so thats = 900 IU of Vitamin D3 daily.


Is this enough to be really beneficial? To help with warding off the flu?

I don't know about going off and taking 5,000 IU daily without him being totally onboard, I guess. But I myself after reading many articles feel like I COULD benefit from more Vitamin D3 than what I am taking.


So, I just dont know what to do or how much to go against his advice. I normally do my own research with my pregnancies, and my doc considers me more natural than mainstream. But I dont want to take something that could hurt my baby at all......It scares me adding more and more to my diet because several websites say to not surpass the RDA, which by taking over 400 IU thats going over anyway....


So to sum it up, I am taking:


2 Vitafusion Gummies daily (they lack iron and calcium)
1 Iron supplement daily
2 Citracal

I bought a bottle of Wellesse liquid Vitamin D3. Its got what seems like good ingredients, should I add some of this and cut out the citracal? I go through like a gallon of milk a week by myself, so I really am not worried about calcium.

What to do, what to do!

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Also, for the record I do NOT know my vit D levels. I plan to ask to have them tested at my next appointment in 3 weeks.


So, I guess I am wondering what is a good target range for being pregnant, and NOT knowing my levels. I dont want to overdo it. I live in Tennessee in the mountains and we are going to have a cold, dreary winter I am sure. I dont go outside very much at all.

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Originally Posted by Dixielane View Post


So, I guess I am wondering what is a good target range for being pregnant, and NOT knowing my levels. I dont want to overdo it.

I think that is something you'll have you to decide yourself.  There are several studies that show 4000 IU/day to be helpful and safe in pregnancy and many on MDC who are going by those studies.  Your doctor is saying to stick with the 400 or 900 IU.  It really is a personal decision and one that nobody can make for you.  You should decide what makes you feel the most comfortable and do that. 

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Well, what I may do is continue with 900 IU and bring in some print outs of the new research to show my OB when I go back.


Does it matter that Id be getting vit d 3 from different sources? (like.. 400 from prenatal, 500 from my calcium supp, and then whatever i used from my pure vit d3 liquid?) I have checked everything carefully to make sure I am not over doing other vitamins..

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I take 4000 to 5000 IU of D3 a day. I'd easily feel fine with taking up to 8000.


Doctors are great resources, & I'm thankful for mine, but they are only human. Many simply don't have the time or inclination to look into newer research (particularly in areas such as vitamins). As a patient, you have a right and a responsibility to think, research, and advocate for yourself (& your baby).


Either way, I agree that it's up to you.

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Darned if I can find the link again, but I saw some study that determined that pregnant/breastfeeding women require 6000iu/day in order for their babies to not be deficient. Most people are deficient. I've heard before of people who live in sunny climates getting tested at the end of summer after spending loads of time outside without sunscreen still being deficient. From what I hear, its VERY difficult to OD on vitd, and would take a lot more effort than taking 6000iu or so a day, ESPECIALLY if you're pregnant AND breastfeeding! I know I'm deficient since I've been tested.. heck if I can remember the numbers.. I got tested around a year ago, then again at my first prenatal (march ish?) and it had gone up a little bit, but still deficient. but especially living in Seattle in the fall I'm definitely not getting any vit d unless I EAT it :) So I'm perfectly comfortable taking 10,000iu/day. Though admittedly, I'm not great at remembering to take it every day. Today I started feeling the slightest hint that I might be coming down with a cold, so I took 25,000 iu, plus a good bit of vit c, a few doses of home made elderberry syrup throughout the day, and munched a couple raw garlic cloves. I'm already feeling it leaving :) I give my kids 2000iu/day in the form of rainbow light sunny gummies. they rarely forget a dose ;) They LOVE them.

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