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Alternative girls scouts?

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Hi! Hope this is the right place to post this, but a while back I saw on the boards someone mentioned a girls organization that was an alternative to the girl scouts. It sounded really neat, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was? Anyone have any ideas? Seems like 'spirit' may have been in the name, but maybe not!
thanks so much!
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spiralscouts? It's a new organization sprouting up across North America, I'm sure you could google it.
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there are two

Spiral Scouts and Earth Scouts
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You could also look into Camp Fire. I'm not sure why you are looking for an alternative to Girl Scouts, but Camp Fire does have many different policies than scouts, so might answer your need. It's co-ed, though having evolved from a girls group its still about 90% girls, at least around here. They are more inclusive and diverse that scouts.
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Y-Guides are another great organization. It is for kids of either gender and parents of either gender although in our circle it's mostly men. My dd does it with dh, and they have a blast. It is much more fun than Girl Scouts ever thought of being.

You can contact your local YMCA/YWCA for info.
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They are more inclusive and diverse that scouts.
Who, pray tell, do the Girl Scouts exclude?

Unlike the Boy Scouts, GS do not insist on religious belief, nor do they ask to whom the leader goes home at night. Just how much more inclusive do you want?

I'm glad that there are other organizations available and have read up a bit on Spiral Scouts, but please, let's not slander an organization that has been making the effort to be inclusive on the national level.
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OK, you are right, I typed too fast and should have said "boy scouts". I confess that I know nothing (have never even heard of) the other organizations you mention and meant no slander towards them.
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Yes I have to chime in here too.

As a leader of two Girl Scout troops, I have never excluded anyone from my groups for any reason. I myself am not a Christian and have never been asked about my religious affiliation or my sexual habits.

I have done a little research about the spiral scouts also and they exhibit far more of a religious agenda than the the Girl Scouts ever have. I personally haven't got a problem with that agenda but I was aware that organizing a group like that would exclude some wonderful little girls who are in my group now.

I would like to add though that I have a two-year-old son who will never be a Boy Scout because mom and dad don't agree with their politics.
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