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Court-ordered to vaccinate despite allergies

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A friend experienced a tough divorce. The other partner (partial custody) wants the child fully vaccinated. The primary parent has been court-ordered to catch up on all vaccines. This is concerning b/c the child has multiple allergies and previously reacted to vaccines. The court specified the vaccines will be administered in the hospital to treat the reactions.

Is there nothing that can be done here? 

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Man, this is so sad. Have the child vaccinated in a hospital, to be able to treat possible reactions. That says it all.

Can she make an appeal?

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I know absolutely nothing about this but will chime in anyway lol... did she get a doctor to certify that the allergies & reactions are dangerous? And a second (even third, if necessary) doctor to agree or something? How severe are the reactions?

I think because vaxing is the 'standard' that the onus is on her to prove that this would be truly dangerous to her child. I'm not at all pro-vax & my DS is unvaxed but in a situation like this, I don't see how she has much of a leg to stand on unless she gets a doctor and a good lawyer on her side. Can she appeal?

I seem to remember something about large doses of certain vitamins before vaxing to minimize reactions. I'm really vague on the details because I only glanced at it, but that might be something to look into...
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I"m wondering who will take responsibility/blame should a near death experience/or death or other life debilitating injury should occur following a reaction...who will be held accountable? the judge? the hospital? the vaccine company? the other parent who insisted on vaxing?  She should definitely appeal, appeal, appeal...

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