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Which day is cycle day 1 when this happens?

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Just wondering how you all would count the first day of your cycle when your period doesn't start with a clear beginning?


By which I mean... last Sunday was day 25 which is my usual start day.  When I went to the bathroom in the late afternoon there was a significant amount of blood on the toilet paper.  This was, of course, after some straining (I had a bit of a tummy upset heh), but I still figured AF would be started by the end of the day.  (And yes, it was definitely menstrual blood and not related to the gut problems)


But it didn't.  And didn't start overnight, or the next morning, or the next day at all.  Not any spotting or dripping, nothing on toilet paper, nothing nothing nothing!  It didn't start until late on TUESDAY.  


That's day 27, which is later than I've been in a long time.  And it's now following my usual pattern -- ie today's flow (Wednesday) is my usual second day flow.  But then what do I call that momentary flow on Sunday, on what would be my usual day 1?

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Hmmm... that is very odd indeed.  I think I would call the previous bleeding spotting and mark that on your chart as such.  Then start CD 1 with the actual red flow that lasted the normal number of days.  So this made your LP 3 days longer than usual?  Or was O delayed as well?

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Flow lasted the usual amount of days, it was 3 days later than my usual.  But I haven't been tracking O lately, mostly because it's been so consistent and we're not TTC so I've just been going off numbers rather than physical indicators.  You're right though -- knowing when O was would clear this up.  I'll start tracking it more carefully and see what that tells me next time this happens.  Thanks.  :)

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I was about to post something very similar!  We have been trying to conceive and so when my period seemed to kind of start and then stop for a couple days, it made me crazy!  I don't really know what to think.  I started charting for the first time this past month, but I found out about half way through that my thermometer was messed up, so I threw it out.  I am charting again this month, with a new thermometer.  I am interested in seeing when I actually ovulate - it may give me some clues about my period start/stop/start thing.  Anyways, I hope you find some answers. 

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