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Prevnar 13 - crying/shrieking 2 month old baby - all night long....

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after trying to make sense out of everything I've read here and elsewhere online, I decided that at my baby sons 2 month visit I would say I'm not ready and still need to research before I allow any vaccines to be given.

I already knew my peds will go either way, but for legal reasons they cannot tell u how they feel or what they think ... Thankfully I have another holistic pediatrician who talked to me for an hour about vaccines.

Anyway. Yesterday at his 2 month I had a gut instinct to get prevnar 13. Nothing else. The alternative dr assured me prevnar has the least risks. So I felt better.

My son got the shot. I told myself it was to protect his health and I choked back tears while breastfeeding him as they injected it and he cried.

Fast forward a few hours. Last night he cried ALL NIGHT. He wasnt soothed at my breast. He sleeps with DH and I and he was crying an awful high pitched cry I've never heard. At one point he felt hot so I rubbed a tepid wash cloth on him even though our thermometer did not show a fever. It gave two totally different readings in a row and we have thermometer issues anyway.

My son is usually so happy and easy going. Now that I've learned his cues better he almost never cries unless I miss a cue that he's hungry. I feed on demand.

Now I'm terrified of doing any other vaccines! Maybe that's a post for a different board though.

I've rambled on and now I'm done smile.gif thank you for reading.
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Did you call the dr and report the reaction to him?  

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The awful high pitched cry you had never heard before was most likely from brain swelling. Inform the doctor. Make sure he writes it all in your son's medical chart.


File a report with VAERS. http://vaers.hhs.gov/resources/VAERS_Brochure.pdf


You can read VAERS reports at http://www.medalerts.org

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My oldest child had the same reaction, but we don't know from which shot, as he got 4 at once.


I don't even know how to describe the screams--I've never heard anything like it before, and he didn't even sound human. They went on for HOURS, along with his body spastically arching and flailing.


The pediatrician's nurse wouldn't let me talk to the pediatrician when I called in.  She said I was an over-reacting, over-protective new mom, and that I should give him Tylenol and just lay him in his crib and leave until I was calmer.  Oh, and she said he only sounded a little fussy to her (over the phone). When I asked if I could just come in and have the pediatrician look at him and see for himself, she replied that they would refuse to see me.

We were later told that this is a sort of seizure reaction, and should have been reported to VAERS.


The nurse was fired.

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My daughter had that from her 2 months shots. It was scary, but she recovered after about 2-3 days. I was assured it was normal. Yeah right. It may be common but it is not normal. I went to a selective schedule at 4 months and then stopped altogether. It goes against my mama instincts and I decided she can choose to permanently alter her body when she is an adult if she wants to.

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