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babyville boutique?

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Has anyone tried the new babyville boutique cloth diaper making supply line at Joanns? My sister back east is pregnant and making up some of these diapers. The PUL looks super cute and they have coordinating FOE and snaps/velcro plus a big pattern book. I don't have a Joanns here so I would have to order online to try it. I think I will. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with the fabrics or patterns and how they hold up.

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I've been using it and I love it. You can join their FaceBook fan page. I"m on there.

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Oh cool, I ordered the pattern books and some supplies, they shipped today & I'm excited to try them!

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I love it....So cute.

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Just wanted to update. So far I've made some bibs and an all in one! It's a pretty basic pattern, but easy to follow. The aio has the outer layer of PUL, inner layer of minky. The inside has a sewn in petal type flannel/batting soaker, that you turn inside out and it dries quickly. I think I'm most excited because cute printed PUL and coordinating snaps and FOE have never been so available when my other kids were babies.


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sweet tea- those are awesome!  I am thinking I need to make DS3 some new diapers and I might do this too!  I have lots of minkee scraps!

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I made 18 pocket diapers for my 9wk old and they are working out great and super cute! Holding up super

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I'm in the process of getting the supplies for making these diapers.  I'm glad to hear they have been liked.  My only problem, is finding an inner material to use against the babies skin.  My JoAnns doesn't carry suade cloth, or minky matterial.  Does anyone have any other suggestions on what material to use for the inner cloth?

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I have used terry from Jo Annes (the poly kind - its thinner)  i have also used old tee shirts, i have used flannel, and i have used a hemp cotton knit.  Believe it or not - i think  my favorite was the flannel!  I have never used Minky in a diaper - it seems so thick!  then again - i have a 20 month old i am still trying to squeeze into size 5T.....

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Awesome...thanks for the suggestions.

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I love the colored snaps that they have... so cute! I just got a big bag and want to put them on EVERYTHING! What fun colors. :) 

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