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Any 2nd+ time Hypnomoms?

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For our 2nd birth, DH and I took a Hypnobabies class and did our daily 30 minutes at home. While I didn't use it as fully as I could have during the birthing time (I didn't want DH to think it wasn't hurting so I had to be a bit dramatic ;), I still loved the outcome it gave me. Not to mention how much it helped with sleep and stress-relief prenatally! We're going to use it again but I'm not sure when or how we'll start. I don't know if we need to do the full-on program or if me using the CD scripts from like 36 weeks on will be sufficient.


I'd love to hear from someone else who's used some sort of Hypno birthing technique with a previous birth and is planning to use it again. When will you start preparing? Will you take a class or just use your materials from last time? Will you do anything differently?



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Hi, I'm a HypnoBirthing practitioner. I used it for my second son, and was so blown away by it that I became a practitioner to be able to share it.  I think that once you have had a calm, confident birth (with or without a hypno technique) that confidence stays with you. It so completely changed my understanding of birthing that I know I just won't bring any of the tension or anxiety that was with me in my first birth to my next birth.


For HypnoBirthing, I would suggest the mother starting to focus on the birth (reading the material, listening to CDs) from about week 20. When she starts practising she can get a good idea of how relaxed she is and how she really feels about the upcoming birth. From there, she can see how much she needs to put into it. So, if she is feeling very calm and confident, she probably doesn't need much preparation. But, if there are any anxieties about the birth, or if there was anything about the previous birth that didn't go as she thought, she has plenty of time to work on those issues.


I don't know HypnoBabies, but I would imagine they offer a refresher course, which could be a good option too.

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I used Hypnobabies for my last birth and plan on using it again. I'll probably start listening around week 18 or 20. I usually listened last time before I went to bed and often fell asleep while listening, but it worked wonderfully! 

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I used the HypnoBabies home study course last time around. I probably wasn't quite as conscientious about studying/listening to it as I should have been, but I feel like I still got a huge benefit from it. I didn't have a totally painless/hypnotic birth, but it helped me so much to go within myself and ride the contractions out. Mostly importantly, I feel like it really helped me to stay calm and focused. The sleep track was crucial for me during the last 3 months at night! I was so tired, yet had terrible insomnia and listening to that track was the only thing that would help me fall asleep. I'm definitely going to use it this time around again. I'll probably start around 18 weeks, I guess? This time, I aim to be more dedicated to practicing daily.

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If there is a live class near you I HIGHLY recommend taking it again- talk to the teacher, they  may be willing to give you a discount if you have your materials still.  I am a Hypnobabies Instructor and if there was another teacher here I'd be taking the class.  Talking to THE mother of Hypnobabies teachers (really she is amazing), she has said before that she was doulaing for "repeat offenders" and their births weren't going as good because they weren't taking the classes and committing themselves as fully and their births were showing this!  Now she requires all her doula clients who are repeat offenders to take her class again. 


I will be starting about 20ish weeks, maybe a little later.

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I did the hypnobabies home study course last time and it worked perfectly.  I think I started around 25 weeks last time and I definitely felt like that was plenty of time.  I probably won't need as much time this time (I took 2 weeks to do each lesson) and will probably just do the one week that is devoted to each week.  I've already started listening to pregnancy affirmations and if I have trouble sleeping, I'll listen to it earlier (it helped me sleep so well!).  I may also try a fear release soon to address my fears of miscarriage and pregnancy in general this time around. Otherwise, I won't start the real program until maybe 28-30 weeks?  I'll play it by ear.....

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I had a hypnobaby birth with DD and I am def doing it again!


It was just amazing!

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Not a second time hypnobaby mom, but I have found someone only 90 miles away who teaches the class in January. Definitely am goiing to contact her :) Y'all have convinced me!

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