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Busch Gardens NIP "comebacks"

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Going to Busch Gardens Williamsburg in a few weeks.  Planning to take DS (6mo) with us.  Also planning to NIP since I'm hoping the weather will be nice and I am NOT sitting in the bathroom to do it.  I'm prepared for a few dirty looks, but wondered if anyone could offer some snarky comebacks in case I get rude comments. 

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I've breastfed at BG loads of times, even done it with a 2 year old.


I would think "Mind your own buisness." or "Mind your own f'ing buisness." depending on the level of rude comment would be enough.


I have never experienced anything at the park. Everyone is too busy having fun to even notice.

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Wear sunglasses.  I've found that people are less likely to gawk/stare/comment if they can't tell whether or not I'm looking straight at them.  Rude people are cowards.  (Take the glasses off before you ride rides.)


Or just give a big ol' smile at anyone who says anything.  You certainly can keep a receiving blanket free and offer it to folks to cover their own heads so they don't have to look, but it's not necessary.  ;)


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