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Congrats Kristi!


Had my midwife appointment today. Nothing special. *sigh* I'm so sore.

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This is how I've been for a while. Weeks. Sigh. 


I did have a wacky sacrum when I went to the chiro the other day, and it helped a lot of other things that were hurting. But I still had cramps, and last night even two hours of painful contrax that were alternating 2 and 10 minutes apart. What does that mean, anyway? Baby was a little transverse, but not fully posterior. 


Ironically, tonight under this full moon, I have a painless, serene uterus. Barely a BH around here. 

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Ugh, I feel like my period is about to start but I really just wish I would start having contractions and go into labor! You know that dull achey crampy feeling in your lower uterus in the front & back? I have that and it's bumming me out because it hurts, but it's not like it's contractions so that bums me out even more! I'm going to the chiro later today so hopefully that will help if it's my sacrum being out of whack or something.


And congratulations on having your baby Kristi!


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whats with all us with calm uteruses under the full moon? The last week or so I've been contracting like crazy the instant the sun goes down and now.. nothin. I managed to get one quality ctx out by rubbing the accupressure point, but that was forever ago! Had a couple weak BHs while out to dinner. Those weren't even crampy. I could only tell I had them because my tummy felt hard. It was probably because the idiot hostess put me in a booth and I was squished. Anyway.. hope this is just the calm before the storm?! 

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well, mine is not at all calm!  i'm having wicked period-cramps and crazy pressure here.


i went out just after midnite and stared up at the full moon.  so inspiring..  heartbeat.gif  blessings to all of us tonite!  happy 11/11/11!

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Saw this and thought it pertained to the subject at hand. Beautiful. I hope the moon worked for some of you ladies! ESPECIALLY YOU, Krystal. lol

moon goddess.jpg

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I'm so frustrated! I spent all day yesterday on my hands and knees and doing inversions trying to get this baby out of OP...this morning, STILL OP. I really feel like as soon as she gets in place things will move, but noooo, my kids have to be stubborn. *hhhhrrrrmmmppppfff* My friend came over last night to do belly henna and she told me that nearly everyone in my ICAN group that's had a HBAC with my midwife has gone to 41 weeks 3 days (a magic number apparently?)...SCREW THAT. I DO NOT want to deal with this for another 3 weeks.


ehhhh....ok, thanks for letting me vent. *positive thoughts positive thoughts positive thoughts*...

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I woke up at 4am to go to the bathroom and had a ton of strong contractions for an hour and a half later. Some were coming 4 mins apart, others as much as 9 mins. Sporadic, so that sucked. But crampier and more intense than ever. They died down when I went back to sleep and then started back up at 7am but have subsided again. I'm just excited my body is doing so much more today, even if baby may still be days or *gasp* weeks away! orngbiggrin.gif This part of pregnancy is much more tolerable when it feels like my body is making progress and I'm not just sitting around with nothing going on. Hoping things will pick up even more in the coming days! I'll be 40 weeks on Monday, woohoo!

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Thanks, Ash!  I was wondering.  My mw never actually defined the position the baby was in, probably b/c she knew it could change at any moment.  But baby's back is on my left, so I assume LOP.  My sister (a CPM) said, "oh that's no problem." 


Yay Becky!!  Maybe just a few more days for you!!!

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I hope so! When I woke in the middle of the night, I was having some sporadic, but pretty good contractions down low. They were nice and crampy-tight. A couple were 7-9 minutes apart and then spaced out to 15, then 20.

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Nothing happening on my end (which is fine since I'm not quite 38 weeks and my midwife is out of town) but I want to encourage you ladies. With my 2nd baby, I had prodromal labor for weeks. But the day she was born, NOTHING. I had even taken castor oil with NO side effects. Walked around the zoo for 3 hours, ate, took a nap. Woke up, went into labor, had her in under 3 hours.

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I LOVE that picture.  Nothing different on my end.  I'm 41 weeks 3 days, DH is starting to get nervous, this is outside his realm of "normal."

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Heeey! I lost a teeny, tiny bit of plug! Just barely enough to stretch between my fingers a little and was also accompanied with a little watery discharge. Nothing major.. but I'll take whatever signs I can get. 

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Yay for mucous Rachel!


After dtd early this morning, I had regular contractions for at least 2 hours that prevented me from sleeping. I eventually fell back asleep so I assume they lessened. They were consistently 5-10 min apart (guessing) and I had to consciously relax myself. And now that I'm up and about, I feel them again. Who knows. My body is probably just messing with me. AGAIN! Might go for a walk later to see if it does anything. 


But then again, I wouldn't have minded going in the middle of the night to the hospital (delivering with a midwife) but if I were to have to go in the middle of the day today that would suck. There are probably so many scheduled inductions for today. *sigh* 

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It'd be interesting to go to the websites of a few major maternity hospitals a few days from now and go to the section where they post the baby pics, and see how many babies are born today compared to last week and next week!

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Well I'm going to the hospital for an NST and ultrasound today, I've been in the maternity ward a total of 5 times in the last 4 years so I'll have to see if it seems exceptionally busy.


I think I need to stop following this thread, at least for today.  I'm feeling grouchier and grouchier reading everyone's optimism. wild.gif

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Aw Paigekitten hug2.gif I totally feel you. I went 41 + 4 with my firstborn. That SUCKED! I did go into labor on the night of 41 + 3 though after an "aggressive" membrane sweep by my midwife and some super speed walking later. Make sure you drink enough water so they don't trap you into the "low fluids" induction. You're baby will be here SOON! So close now.

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Ah!  Thanks for the reminder, I totally did NOT drink enough water yesterday.


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I asked my OB at my appointment yesterday if there were a lot of scheduled births for today.  She said only one, and it wasn't even at 11:00.  However, this is only one office that uses the hospital.  She said between the full moon and the special date, she might regret being on call today!  


I've been having little bits of watery discharge for a few days now.  It's not all the time and it isn't amniotic fluid, but it's enough for me to wear panty liners daily.  Maybe the frustration I felt with only being 1 cm was a little premature.  Anyway, hubby and I are going out to dinner one last time tonight (well before baby comes).  Maybe we'll have to make it Italian!  

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I'm only getting just barely some signs (39+2) - looser bowels and stronger BH contx.  this is baby #3, and it's similar to what I've experienced with the other two.  I haven't lost any plug yet.  That'll be a better sign for me than most anything.  That and the nights of prelabor that keep me awake.  But that hasn't started yet :)

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Yeah.. I don't seem to get pre-labor signs at all (didn't have any with my other labors either).  I'm 38.5w along and I've got NOTHING.  No dilation, no cervical pressure, no bleeding, I've never seen a mucus plug.. nada.  I just don't seem to get any good warning before I'm in labor.   I do know that it will happen though and really, I can't believe that in about 2 weeks I'm going to have another child!  It will be here before I know it.

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