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So I've been having strong contractions 6-7 minutes apart since 2am.  I'm hoping this is it, but they aren't getting closer together...

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Good luck!!  goodvibes.gif

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So I've been having strong contractions 6-7 minutes apart since 2am.  I'm hoping this is it, but they aren't getting closer together...


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Sending labor vibes your way Emily!!  goodvibes.gif

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Jasmin -


I feel exactly like you!  Due date was the 18th, and my family really thinks baby will be here today or tomorrow.  I've also been having stronger and lower contractions, but mostly in the late evenings, and they peter out by morning.  My DS was 7 days early, but I don't think it means much since he was so big my body just said, that's it, he has to come out now.


I'm excited for you. (and me too) Hopefully it is today or sometime this week!



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I'm glad I'm not the only one who is still pregnant, seeing all this birth announcements and stories has me feeling kind of antsy!  My due date was the 18th, and I'm really curious to see if my Tarot deck will actually predict the birth day--it says tomorrow, the 21st!  Today dh is home and he's going to help get the house ready, we're definitely hoping he comes today or tomorrow, this week would be awfully convenient since DD has the week off (yay for no pick up and drop off) and dh was already going to have a four day weekend, so he wouldn't have to actually miss as much work while still getting the same amount off...plus, it would be more likely that we could make it to some turkey dinner!  I wouldn't feel comfortable traveling even an hour away on such a busy holiday weekend since my midwives are anticipating this labor to be a quick one.


I've been having tons of contractions, last night they were very consistent and getting a little stronger and lower, but then they bottomed out pretty much when we got home.  I'm not sure how dilated I am, but my cervix is definitely super squishy and working on dilating, and I'm pretty sure I've been losing plug.  Of course, one way or another this little guy will be here in the next week or so, so I suppose it could just as easily be only gearing up for that... ::sigh::  DD was 10 days late!


Crossing my fingers for labor tomorrow during the day!  (DD was born at 3:30 in the morning and it was awful to start off our new family with such horrible sleep!)


Congrats to all of you mamas who have your little bundles, and good luck to you who are awaiting their arrival!


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Good luck Emily!

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Good luck Emily!  Maybe today is your day!


Im 39w2d today.  I woke up with the same low backache as yesterday, and a ton of pressure.  It may not be labor, but its something more than nothing.  If my body could get some contractions going I'm pretty sure things would move along pretty quickly.

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Originally Posted by dashley111 View Post

Good luck Emily!  Maybe today is your day!


Im 39w2d today.  I woke up with the same low backache as yesterday, and a ton of pressure.  It may not be labor, but its something more than nothing.  If my body could get some contractions going I'm pretty sure things would move along pretty quickly.

Same here! 39w3d, low back pain, cramping, some contractions, day 3 of bloody show. And today I just feel....off. I took Start Up tincture the last 2 days, trying to get things moving, and it gave me contractions, but when I stop taking it at bedtime they fade away. My parents will be here in 5 hours or so; it'd be awesome if he'd come today/soon so I have childcare during labor!


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Well I think this is it, ladies! I've had consistent contractions ever since using my breast pump for that 20 minutes last night! My body must've just been ready. I did feel like the baby was positioned right and really bearing down ever since my walk yesterday morning; the stars just felt aligned, lol. Going on about 19 hours of contractions soon! Their frequency has been all over the place (some as quick as 5 min apart, others up to 15) but they've continued nonstop nonetheless. They're becoming a lot more regular this morning. I saw my midwife this morning and just happened to have bloody show start right when she went to check me out. Talk about timing. My poor DH went with me and he, um, doesn't tolerate blood well. He was not sitting on the right side of the room when that started. ROTFLMAO.gif Poor guy. He's okay though. Great news is that all of the work my body has been doing since last night has been making a lot of progress! I'm about 75% effaced and 2cm dilated all the way through. My midwife could feel the babies head through my waters, in a great position. She said she didn't think she felt any hair so I'm more curious than ever to see my little girl now! DH and I decided to officially hold off on using any additional means to get labor moving more since my body is efficiently doing its own thing now. If for some reason I'm still pregnant by Friday, my midwife said she can strip my membranes then. We didn't feel it necessary today. I don't want to try castor oil anymore just in the off chance it might upset my stomach so much that I feel miserable during labor. So it's wait and see! The contractions are feeling a bit more intense now but it feels like my body is going to take its time. I wonder when the baby will show up! I'm so excited! orngbiggrin.gif

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Yay Emily and Joanie! Can't wait to hear some more birth stories!

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Gentle labor vibes everyone!! So excited to see how many of your are feeling things moving!
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Wow, mamas! Kickin it into high gear, are we? I can see I'll have alot of reading to do when I come back tomorrow while I'm breastfeeding. winky.gif Peaceful labor to all of you! And congrats and happy babymoon to those who have delivered since Saturday!

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Yay Joanie!!!!!!!!!!  Sounds really promising!!!   I really enjoyed my long first labor.  Just slowly increasing in frequency and intensity.  It was nice.  Sending peaceful labor vibes your way!  Keep updated as you can!  goodvibes.gif

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Looking forward to hearing great news from you two: Emily and Joanie! Have a wonderful labor and birth!

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Yes, we haven't heard from Joanie all day!!!  I hope that means she's having a baby!!! 

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I got the sweep and feel a little crampy, but I know that's normal afterwards.  No contrax yet, at least nothing to write home about.  I'm going to lay down though because I am starting to feel really yucky (congested, postnasal drip, headache, fatigue...)  Just wake me up when this is all over greensad.gif


The GOOD news is that my caretaker's trip might be cancelled!  It's unfortunately due to her daughter-in-law's appendicitis (she is about to go into surgery today) and I feel TERRIBLE for her DIL but it's kind of a boon for me.  I feel awful saying that... but things do have a weird way of working out sometimes, right?!

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I appreciate the optimism, Jaimee. lol.gif I feel like this is going to be the slowest labor ever! Going on 26 hours of contractions and I'm still only around 7-8 mins apart at the soonest. Not that I'm complaining too much, though, since I've been very comfortable this whole time. I used my breast pump again to see what it'd do. I had 4-min apart contrax for a good bit but then I started bouncing and dancing to music on my exercise ball (which DH is getting a real kick out of winky.gif) and the contrax are back to around 7 mins. I was at 9-min apart before the pumping, though. So any progress seems good to me! My crotch is throbbing/burny feeling more too and I'm feeling a lot more discomfort down there in general. I like to think my cervix is doing a bunch more work! I don't think I'll be having a Scorpio baby tonight but who knows! I'm really hoping I'll wake up in the middle of the night with things going faster.

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Well it certainly sounds like you're making a lot of progress, Joanie!  Be sure to get some sleep, though.  Beer and a benadryl...  You want to be well rested for the big event!

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It sure doesn't feel like I'm going to have this baby today, or tomorrow, or any day now. irked.gif My midwife said to me yesterday, "You know, no woman has ever been pregnant forever!" but I think I'm about to make history and be the first. hopmad.gif


I suppose this is what several of you ladies have called prodromal labor? Talk about a total mind trip and getting excited prematurely. Hmmph. My back, hips, everything is so sore now - and mentally I'm like two steps away from saying "screw everything" and shutting down because I can't SEE progress - WHERE IS MY BABY?! Arghh. I want to keep my excitement and optimism up so I go into labor in a positive mindset. It's so hard. My contractions are becoming more irregular and infrequent now. They're stronger and I've had a few painful ones last night but they're a lot more irregular so I've resigned myself to completely ignoring them now because keeping track of them is pointless and depressing.


Edit:  I love how just as I say that, I have the most forceful and painful contraction I've had yet. STOP TEASING ME!!!


Hopefully someone else is having a baby right now to lighten the mood here? lol

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Birdhappy -


Sorry you're going through that.  I've heard prodromal labor can be very frustrating and tiring.  You will not be pregnant forever.  I promise!  thumb.gif


On this end, had several stronger feeling ctxs as I was going to bed last night, making the DH all giddy.  eyesroll.gif  I told him they could go away by morning or pick up in the night, and sure enough, they mostly went away (still there and consistent, but a lot lighter).  But he still stayed home from work this morning.  He just left to go in for the afternoon, and I'm actually really glad.  Feel more relaxed now.  But I really think things may pick up for good tonight.  We'll see!

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Joanie:  sorry that happened.  prodromal labor sucks but you really will have a baby soon.  try not to focus on it (easier said than done).  I remember feeling and saying the same things you are- I just kept crying to my husband "where is my baby?!"  But once he was finally here I realized that time went really fast and then I couldn't get that time back with just my DH.  So while it's hard to think about right now, do try to enjoy this time with your husband because you can't reverse the clock once baby is here.  And trust me- you will miss just being the two of you, though you don't think you will now winky.gif  Go on a date!  Plan a special outing!  Do something for yourselves and you never know, baby might decide to interrupt those plans. 



AFM I have had no bleeding, no contrax (well no more than usual) since the sweep.  I am also really sick- and so is DS still- so I feel like my body is saying "no way, J, not now."  Fine with me.  I tried!  I feel like crap anyway and feel so bad for my poor sick DS so I know I need to prioritize us over having the baby right now.  I'd like to feel a bit better before laboring and welcoming a baby- they really are easier to take care of in the womb and he seems fine in there for now!  lol.gif

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