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vitamin b6 help

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Hi! I just got my bfp Monday and I'm wondering about b6. For the past 60 days I've been taking 50 mg a day because it seemed I had a short LP. Now pregnant I'm wondering if I should continue to take it or stop? I see my Dr Nov 2 but wanted an answer for the meantime. What's best to do? Will it hurt cause problems to stop? Looking for advice please! !
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If it was me, I would probably stop taking it and start taking a complete pregnancy supplement instead.


If the point of taking it in the first place was to prolong your luteal phase to allow for implantation to occur, and implantation clearly has now occurred, then there's probably no point taking it any longer. 

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Just thought I'd weigh in...I was also taking a B6 supplement (B50 complex to be exact), I would take 100 mg/day. I am going to continue to take mine until this Monday (when I'm officially in the 2nd trimester) I read somewhere (can't remember where) that it's good to take it for the first trimester if you've had a short lp. Also, it really helps with morning sickness. :)

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I took 100 mg with DD and with this pregnancy, through the first trimester. I also take a complete, whole food prenatal. I started while TTC hoping to prevent hyperemesis, and lucked out this time.
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Thanks I also take prenatal and folic acid daily. So it would be best to stay on through the first trimester? I just wanna make sure there is no harm to stoping while pregnant.
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How much b6 is in your prenatal?
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Ill have to check tonight. I'm not sure.
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I took b6 the cycle before I got my BFP! Then I stopped taking it. 


My doc the recommended it to me to take for my m/s. Its been helping quiet a bit. She said as long as I take it with a multivitamin or my prentals its more than fine to take 50mg of it.


Hope that helps! 

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