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I think my mama cat is pregnant again....

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My cat,Nessie,just had 2 kittens 6 months ago.I planned to have her spayed at the clinic in November,as I'm expecting some extra money,and after paying off my bills I would have just enough to spay her,and have the babies neutered.But she escaped a few times(thanks to the kids not shutting the door all the way),all my cats are indoor only, and now she's getting chubby again.Is there an easy way to tell?I didn't realize she was pregnant last time until a few days before the babies were born.I don't have the money to go to the vet and have her xrayed,and I don't want to expose her or the babies to that if I can help it.The clinic offered to spay her anyway,but I just can't do that since if she is pregnant it would kill the babies.I noticed now that she is hissing and growling at her kittens when they come near her,so I'm wondering if that is a sign that she is expecting.She's still very lovable to me and the kids,and purrs like crazy when I pet or hold her,but she doesn't want any other cats,even her own kittens,near her.I don't need any more kitties!6 is plenty,but I know if I see these born like I did with Sabbath(Tre was already born when I woke up to find a tiny grey kitten on my bed,between my legs!Sabbath was born a little while later),I won't be able to give them up.They're like my furry grandchildren lol.If she is pregnant,I'm guessing I can't have her spayed in November as she'll be nursing(Sabbath and Tre nursed until they were about 4 months old).I'm thinking it's the same father,as when she has escaped we usually saw her with a big orange cat who roams the neighborhood that we named Garfield.This is so not what I need right now.

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spay/abort is your best option, think of it as a pre-emptive way of sparing those kittens from future euthanasia if they dont find good homes.

This is the exact reason why there are so many cats in the world and why so many die everyday.


Here are a few low cost spay/neuter clinics in RI


Spay/neuter assistance program
R.I. Veterinary Medical Association

For pets of people with low income in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts. Go to their web site www.rivma.org to print the application, which must be sent to them by U.S. Mail.


Volunteer Services for Animals
Providence, RI

Very low cost programs for: pets of people with low income and feral cats.


Defenders of Animals
PO Box 5634
Weybosset Hill Station
Providence, RI 02903

Email: dennis@defendersofanimals.org
www.defendersofanimals.org Statewide low cost spay/neuter program.

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The responsible thing to do is to have her spayed. 

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If her kittens are 6 months old....she didn't have to go outside to become pregnant again....are they both male or one of each?

Look for swollen teats, hairloss around them. 

If you don't want to abort you better get her spayed asap after the litter is born.  Go to a spay neuter clinic if you can't afford all  that is involved in going to a veterinary hospital.  Then adopt out the new kittens once weaned....or you will be over-run with cats that you can't afford to neuter.

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