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Oh Eon, what a gut wrenching decision to have to make.  First, I think you're probably right that you are much more healthy than the average person.  And when you think about it, aren't the majority of non-reproductive technology assisted moms of twins older?  I know you are older, but again, probably much healthier than the average 41 year old!  So when you look at all these stats, I wonder how age and fitness does fit in to the equation.  


When I was going through all those studies mentioning sudden and random IUD of one twin, especially past 32 weeks, I started to think, you probably should error on the side of safety.  And when I read about the added complications of TTTS, I thought, get them out of there ASAP.  But reading all those stats also had the opposite effect- I thought, but all these cases of TTTS have highly different fetal weights and required surgery.  Your twins did not require surgery and their weights are nearly identical.  So it seems like they aren't really suffering the effects of TTTS.  And then I got to thinking, well, what other stats is she beating?  Seems like you might fall into the other study category where they determined that up to 37 weeks had safe odds.  


Then there is the mode of delivery, too, to think about.  The one study said there appeared to be no significant differences in outcomes of elective c vs. vaginal delivery.  Of course, these were not TTTS cases.  But, the risk of intertwin transfusion appeared to be after the cord was clamped on the first twin, not the labor itself.  We do know that labor can be stressful for babies, but it also has many benefits for their health- especially for their lungs, which will be one of the big concerns of delivering early.   So again, I wonder whether allowing your body to labor at least for a while would be beneficial even if you had to end up with a c-section toward the end?  How did the doctors feel about natural induction methods?  Or medical induction methods vs. c-section or is that just out of the question for them?  It just seems really interesting to me that one of the biggest concerns with twins is PROM and yet here you are still going, still healthy.  Those babies want to keep cooking! 


If they are willing to compromise at 36.5ish weeks this does seem pretty good.  I've had friends with 36 week babies that hardly seemed premature, if at all.  And by next week hopefully they will have both gained another half to full pound each.  If it were me, I think I would set up the appointment for next week and in the meantime find out of natural induction techniques during this next week would be safe.  Then if you can get your body to go into labor just before the appointment, well, then you might reap those benefits as well.  Just a thought...


((HUGS)) mama!

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Thank you all again for your input and advice. Jaimee your insight and post was really helpful too and reassuring. I scheduled the date (the only day they had open next week) Nov 3 at 7:30am for repeat c-sect. I am very nervous but excited and somewhat relieved that the the date was finalized. I will be trying lots of things to start labor but my body does not feel ready right now.

Here is my blog post if anyone is interested:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The countdown begins...

35 weeks
Yesterday I found out that the twins weights were 5lbs and 5lbs 12 oz. The high risk ob said that these measurements can be off 10-15% off now so he was not concerned about the weight discordance. All other measurements were normal including their fluid levels which were each around 5.5cm.
My high risk ob also informed me that he wants me to deliver the twins this week or next week. During the last 7 days, I did lots of research regarding optimal time for delivery and I found the same scientific data. Mono-di twins (identical twins who share 1 placenta) are at a high risk for death after the 36th week of pregnancy.
Yikes to say I am nervous and stressed out is an understatement. My regular ob never mentioned this to me and if it was not for my high risk ob who casually mentioned 2 weeks ago I should deliver soon at 35 weeks I am not sure if I would have been prompted to do my own research to discover the optimal time for delivery and the reasons behind it for identical twins. For those who have identical twins, check out this study http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1471-0528.2007.01556.x/full
So next week it is. I am excited to meet them but nervous for many other reasons. For one, I doubt my body will go into natural labor by then so this means a scheduled c-sect and two, the twins will not be fullterm yet and I am worried about them not being fully ready to live outside the womb. My ob will not induce me (against his policy for women who have had a prior c-sect) so I have no choice. I either hope for natural labor to occur on its own in less than a week or I am set up to have a repeat c-sect.
This pregnancy has been difficult. Aside from the physical discomforts, the emotional roller coaster ride has been challenging. I am now measuring 47 weeks so you would think my body would start labor soon! I am exercising through this and determined to exercise until the twins arrive! I love my 2-3 hr hikes on the weekends and 60 min stairmaster workouts.
6-8 more days. The countdown begins!


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Thanks for posting, Nicole!  It really sounds like you've researched and soul searched thoroughly and come to a good decision for you and your babies.  Congratulations as I know that was not at all easy!


So what are your thoughts on natural labor inducers?  There's a whole thread about it you can check out and see if anything sounds good to you.  Good luck and keep us updated as you can!  smile.gif

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thumb.gif  Good luck Nicole!  Thank you for updating.

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