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family cloth and cloth pad advice please

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I'm hoping you can give me some advice on some things I feel a little goofy asking, but I can't figure out!


I started using cloth pads and LOVE them, but I haven't figured out what to do with them between when I use them and when I was them, so I end just trying to launder them really soon after use, but that's not always practical. Do you have a container in the bathroom for the pads that need to be cleaned? If so, any suggestions on the kind of container? Do you soak the the pads in water before you use when you can launder them?


I'd like to switch to using family cloth. What kind of cloth do you use? Do you make your own? If so, from what kind of material? What do you with the cloth between use and laundering? If you have a container, do you mix your used family cloth and used cloth pads in the same container?


Thanks in advance for your advice!


PS Thanks to all of you who posted before about cloth pads. I perused a lot of threads here and got so much good advice about where to purchase pads and pros and cons of different kinds.

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I recently purchased a soaking bag from LunaPads. I like it overall, it keeps water in, no spills yet and keeps smells contained. It is really really red and it comes in no other colors. Also there is a D-ring to attach a string to but I wish it had come with a string for hanging over the doorknob or something. I've been using cloth for maybe 4 years now and previously I rinsed them off immediately after wearing and then stuck them in with the laundary. I've recently purchased more pads from LunaPads, but you can find them on Etsy, Ebay or any site like that. I think lunapads has great fabric choices but i'm not so impressed with their particular style of fastening the liner over the pad because it is on top and can get messy before you use all your liners. I really like the first pads i got from a site called diaperware.com because they use snaps on the bottom of liner to atttach it to a base(this eliminates the bulk you carry with you) but I havn't seen those on there for years.

Best of luck & thanks for using cloth...

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I made a video for Youtube with some cloth pad washing suggestions.


I recently stopped soaking my pads. Instead, I rinse them under cold water really well (and use soap like RockinGreen) and then wring them out as dry as possible. I then place them in a container with NO water in it, but ensure I allow air to enter the container so they don't get smelly/musty. Then 2 - 3 days later, I throw them in the wash with my other laundry.


I mix my family wipes with my mama cloth.


I too thank you for using cloth!

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Thanks for making the switch @HappyHappyMommy!


I also prefer to rinse my cloth pads as I wear using our BunchaFarmers Stain stick (my favorite soap, ever) and gather them in a mesh laundry bag to air dry.  Shortly after my cycle, the bag goes in with a regular load of laundry, ready for next month.


All the best!



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I wore cloth pads for more than 30 years, Glad Rags, and I just rinsed them under the tap to get rid of the blood and dried them over the shower curtain rod. Then It would go in the wash. I had enough pads to get through a cycle. I never soaked them. Just rinsed them out with water and sometimes a touch of shampoo to loosen the proteins and rinse better.


If I really needed to change a pad while I was out, which was rare, I just rinsed it and kept it in a plastic produce bag in my purse. I went home long before it would get gross in there.


I also love family cloth and made a bunch of squares out of old t-shirts but would really love to switch to birdseye (diaper material) but I'd have to buy it new and bleached and I'd rather reuse materials than buy new. Some people like flannel but I haven't tried it yet.

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i do mama cloth but would love to go family cloth if i could only get DH on board..!

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I have found that to get no smell when using family cloth and mama cloth, just let them air dry.  I have a well ventilated bin for used family cloth and there is no smell (and no hassle).  I use 2 of these 14" stacking bins:http://www.containerstore.com/shop?productId=10010576&N=&Ntt=14%22+Stacking+Basket - clean cloths (cut up t-shirts) on top and used in the botton bin.  When washing, I just throw these in with a load of clothes.  My dh has not bought in to family cloth but my 2 dds have.


For mama cloth, I am still searching for a good place to lay them out so they dry.  I don't rinse them out.  My dh gets annoyed when I just leave them on the bathroom floor - but there is no smell at all.  I only do laundry once a week so the mama cloth gets a little bit stained but I don't care.  I throw them in with red clothes.  I used to use a covered ceramic container with water and Bac-Out, but it would start smelling after about 3 days.


I started using mama cloth and family cloth when we had to be super frugal.  We are no longer in dire straights, but I am happy to continue using both (in additional to cloth napkins, kitchen towels and handkerchiefs).

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