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Just joining!

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Hello ladies! I have been lurking for about two weeks and have decided you are some very nice level headed women. lol I joined another online forum and it has thousands of members and they are always bickering. Anyway, I think I will fit in here. I hope you'll have me. I am pregnant with my second child due Feb 14. I have been married for 12 years and have a three year old. I had a VERY tough time with morning sickness, but have started to enjoy this pregnancy a little. we are having a girl and her name is Eliza Olive!joy.gif

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Welcome, Grapeape!   Eliza is one of my most favorite names.  Right now DD and I are constantly singing a song from our Music Together class called "Eliza Jane".  I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with DD about why we can't name our baby Eliza. 


(My sister's name is Elizabeth and in Jewish tradition you don't name a baby after a living person-- it's like saying they are dead to you.  We're not observent Jews but that type of thing sticks in your head, I think!)

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Welcome! Congrats on your Valentines Day baby :)

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Welcome! I have a feeling I know what site you're talking about with all of the bickering... This is the only due date club I've visited during this pregnancy for that reason. Congrats on baby Eliza! I have a friend that just named her second daughter Olive and I just love it! Eliza Olive is beautiful :)

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I'm due on Feb 14th also, with my first.-- I have mostly spent time on infertility forums, but have lurked on this one a little bit.  We don't know the gender of our baby, but are looking forward to finding out in Feb (if we can wait that long!)  Also hoping this forum is useful & supportive!

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Thanks ladies! I am enjoying reading the posts here and the topics are great and helpful. Now i just need to find time to sit at the computer more!superhero.gif

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Welcome, to you both!

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I am just joining, too!  Here's my info.


Name: Gunter
* EDD: 02/15/2012

* Age:
* Location: Bali, Indonesia and North Carolina
* How long it took to you to get your BFP: tried for 2 months, stopped trying for a bit, got preggers 3 months later
* What number child is this for you: 3
* Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH, E will be six in Nov, B will be 4 in Feb
* Birth plans/preferences: 3rd Homebirth
* Anything else you'd like to share: just happy to be pregnacious and joining you all!



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