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High Altitude, 8 month baby

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Good morning, fellow mamas.

Question: We are flying from Oregon, to Denver, Co tomorrow. Our baby is 8 months old and this is her first flight. She is a hardy, healthy 21 lb babe. But I just remembered that whenever I go to Colorado to visit family, the altitude gets to me for the first day. I feel spaced out, dizzy, short of breath.

So how can I expect altitude to affect DD and how can I help her? She is breastfed frequently, btw.

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Just her nurse. There is really nothing else you can do. Low landers should take it easy for the first couple days at higher elevations, Denver isn't very high but some like yourself do feel the effects. Children adjust much faster then adults do!

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I agree.  Most people don't feel the affects.  Just take it easy for the first day.  You're the special one :-)

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We spent a couple days camping this summer at 6,500 ft, and a couple days in the Sierras at 9,000 ft (almost twice as high as Denver), and while we could definitely feel the elevation while hiking and so on, our 5.5 month old never noticed, nor do my older kids ever seem to notice. I have found that staying well hydrated helps a lot.
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Agreeing with everyone else- we were in Santa Fe for a week, coming from sealevel, with our 4 month old and he was totally fine. Just be sure and stay well hydrated yourself.

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Thanks everybody. We were just fine. I do think I was slightly dehydrated the whole time. But I realized that it was back when my sister used to live in Boulder that I felt the weird spaced out dizzy stuff....higher elevation I believe?


Thanks again :)

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