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Twins with 2 due dates!

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Hello. I have no idea where I should post this...Is there a "pregnant with twins" forum?

Yesterday we went in for an early US (7 wks) to check into some spotting that i had been having. Holy cow...did we have a surprise....Not only were there two little yolk sacs with two little heartbeats, but they are measuring a week apart! "baby a" measuring 5w 6d and "baby b" measuring 7w 1d. She showed me the two follicular cysts on my ovaries where 2 eggs were released and implanted about a week apart!

When I look this up online, they are calling it "superfetation". Apparantly so rare there have only been 10 reported cases! What the heck!? I am reeling and I'm sorry to jump right in without introductions, but I am so curious if anyone else out there has ever heard of or experienced this!? "baby a" seemed so fragile. I don't know what to expect!

Thank you! smile.gif

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i think a lot of people post in this forum for pregnancy stuff too smile.gif
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I've heard of this...no advice but I've heard of this and from what I recall some doctors think it may be more common than we know, Many women don't have an ultrasound until 20 weeks and then the twins are measured as being a week off but no real concerns arise until birth...maybe, if they take twins at 36 weeks which is 35 for one baby. Plus, the 20 week ultrasound has a +/- of two weeks normalcy (DS1 measured 2 weeks ahead DS2 always exact for dates)


I guess the only thing is too look into a provider that allows twin pregnancies to go on as long as needed (many mamas on here have gone to 40 weeks and some even over) If you can get to 38 weeks then both babies will be full term.


Good luck!! hug2.gif

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thank you!

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