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very picky child

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I have a 5 year old son and an 8 year old daughter. We do eat dairy. I am really starting to worry about their nutrition, especially with my 5 year old. The only protein he eats is cheese, milk and peanut butter. He won't eat beans, eggs, legumes, tofu or any of the veggie "meat" products. He doesn't eat any cooked vegetable except corn. As for cold veggies, he only eats cucumbers or carrots with ranch and salad. The things he does eat are healthy but it is very limited. Should I be concerned? I make regular meals for my husband and I and to some extent my 8 year old. I make her try what we are eating.  My son still seems to only like what I call "toddler food" - crackers, cheerios, cheese cubes, PB & J - nothing that is a substantial meal. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I have told him if he doesn't eat healthy foods that he will have to eat meat as I am so worried but I don't think he would eat it anyway. HELP!  Thank you so much.



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After reading tons of books, I have come to the conclusion that we all worry too much about protein.  If he is getting variety in his diet that consists of lots of healthy foods (even veggies have some protein) and is eating enough calories for his body, I wouldn't worry.  Perhaps someone else can give you better/more info.  


If you read the chapter about proteins in the book "Keep it Simple, Keep it Whole", it might put your mind at ease.



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