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Yep, that's what I did last time! I did the whole garlic/vit C/probiotic regimen, plus a Hibiclens rinse once a day for the last few days before the test, and literally right before I walked out the door to go to the OB's office.


As far as the hospital, the only reason I even consider getting tested is in case of transfer. Around here, it's really likely that the hospital staff would call CPS on me if I refused abx during labor without proof of being GBS-. That's the absolute only reason my MW ever recommends it, which is just sad. I'm not testing this time, but if i was, I'd cheat the test with Hibiclens again, just to have a piece of paper as a CYA measure.

thumb.gif  And thats prettty ridiculous about the hospital, it would not surprise me if that happened tho.  I have heard you only need like 2 or 3 Hibiclens washes, including the one right before you walk out the door to go get tested.

And, I think I'm still positive after the few things that I did and then I got retested because I called the lab today(my Dr and nurse are not in the rest of the week) and the guy didnt really seem to know what he was looking at, but he said it looked like the preliminary said positive, and if the prelim says positive, it is positive.  I really wish I would have decided to get retested as soon as I found out I was pos so I could have been taking garlic and probiotics for 2 weeks, and the last few days I should have done vaginal garlic as well.   And some extra vitamin C would have been a good thing too!  O well I guess:(

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Hey just wanted to let everyone know that I had a healthy 9.5lb baby at home 3 weeks ago with no abx or hibiclens and he is not infected with GBS.  My water was broken for me at 10cm also, so I do not believe what I have heard about GBS possibly weakening the amniotic sac.

Mothering › Groups › November 2011 Due Date Club › Discussions › GBS Question