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Bleeding, maybe miscarriage

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So last night I had some red bleeding, not a huge amount but more than I have ever had during a pregnancy. I had been having a little bit of brown spotting but wasn't too too worried about it as I had spotting with my last pregnancy, which turned out fine. Since then I've been having more brown spotting, sometimes a little on the red side, but not as much as last night. No cramping or other symptoms.

This morning I called the midwife and she wanted me to go to the ER to have an ultrasound and blood work, because otherwise they need a prior authorization for an ultrasound from my insurance. I didn't want to go to the ER because I have a 7 month old that would have to be with me, and I didn't want her sitting around an ER catching who-knows-what, plus she is teething so really fussy, plus- who the heck wants to go to an ER when they think they might be miscarrying? And sit around for hours?

So I ended up getting them to order the blood work for me at the usual lab, and they said I should get an ultrasound at this outside place that my insurance contracts with. I got the blood work done and the hormone levels seemed fine, but they want me to get more done on Monday so they can see what the trend is. After many phone calls that basically took up my whole day, turned out that the outside imaging place couldn't see me until next Friday anyway. And so I said to get started on the prior authorization for the ultrasound at the regular hospital it would normally be at, and then it turns out that they never actually got the authorization for me to even be seen at the clinic I had been dealing with all day, they had the old one on record from my last pregnancy and thought it was current. So now I have to go see my primary care doctor on Wednesday to get him to submit an authorization to go to my midwife clinic, which may take weeks, if it goes at all like it did last time, but I'm hoping that was the incompetence of the old clinic that was doing it last time.

I am really bummed that I might be miscarrying, and having to deal with all this dumb s*@#t right now is really making it a lot more stressful. I just want to have an ultrasound and see what's going on. I would probably not opt to do any interventions, especially since I read this article this morning:


But I just want to know what is happening.

To top it all off, my daughter's birthday party is tomorrow and I have a whole bunch of cooking and decorating to do tonight and tomorrow. I'm going crazy.
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Oh, that must be so scary and so frustrating having to wait to find out more about what is going on.  I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers that everything is Ok. Good luck getting ready for your daughter's birthday party!  

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It's the worst feeling to just not know what's going on. I really hope it all gets straightened out for you paperwork wise.

That article would definitely make me second guess interventions as well!!

*hugs* and GoodThoughts offered.

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That's so frightening! I hate the not knowing of most situations, this would be driving me bananas. And yes, that article would definitely give me pause as well. I hope you get some answers soon! Best wishes for a sticky baby.

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oh, I'm sorry you're having to go through this -- especially right before your daughter's birthday party! How scary! I'm praying for your baby to stick!!! I hope they are able to schedule you for an ultrasound earlier than next Friday --thats a long time to wait!!

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Any updates?  I hope everything is fine.  hug2.gif


It's ridiculous that you have to jump through hoops for this.  You would think they'd do what they could to get you in asap, considering the situation.  :( 

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Yesterday I started bleeding more, it took most of the day but it did eventually soak a large part of a pad, and I'm still bleeding today. I'm confident at this point that I'm miscarrying, although I still have not had cramping which seems strange. I will go get the second blood test tomorrow morning to just confirm that my levels are going down, and I'll talk to my friend who is a midwife and see if she thinks I can just deal with it at home, which I'm assuming I can.

I'm really sad that my little one won't have a sibling the same age apart as my older girls, we had all been really excited about that, and just hope I can get pregnant again ASAP.

It was hard to have the party and not tell any of my friends and act like nothing was wrong, but I knew if I said anything I would start crying and I really wanted to enjoy the party and not ruin it for my daughter, who also doesn't know anything is wrong yet. My older daughters are going to be really sad, too, they were so excited about a new baby.
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hug2.gif  Praying for you. 

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Hi Katroshka - I'm very sorry to hear all this, but still hoping for the best for you and family *hugs*

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I am so sorry Katroshka. :( 

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. 

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I'm so sorry.

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I am just reading this now and I am so sorry! You are in my thoughts and prayers- ((hugs))

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