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Ringworm that doesn't itch?

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My son has a quarter size ring that is red and a bit crusty. I thought it could be ringworm and checked pics and info on the net. It looks like it and since he is in JV soccer he spends time in a locker room every day so could have gotten it that way. Except that he says it doesn't itch at all. I've read that it should be very itchy. Could it still be ringworm? If not, is there something else that looks like it and is not?

And if it is ringworm, do you know of anything "natural" we could use to get rid of it?

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I've had ringworm that doesn't itch.


Tea tree oil is supposed to kill the fungus. However, tea tree oil has been linked to breast growth in boys; between over the counter anti-fungal cream and tea tree oil, I think I'd go for the cream.


You can also try blotting the spot with apple cider vinegar several times a day.


Ringworm can be stubborn, though, and sometimes the otc cream doesn't even clear it and you have to get the 2% Rx.

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My 3 year old had ring worm last year that was not itchy.  We cleared it up applying coconut oil 2x/day (or more often if we remembered to).  It took a long time (several months) but did the trick.

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There is a good chance it is really discoid eczema.  I had it for years and it was misdiagnosed repeatedly because it pretty much looks exactly like ringworm except that it does not always itch.  Might want to google it. 

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Are there more now?  Red and crusty makes me think of impetigo.  The sores sometimes looks like  a raw spot, crusty, finally heals over and leaves and whitish scar.  Staph--very contagious.  How does your son's look now a few days later?

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