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How Do I start a Waldorf Community?

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I live in Raleigh, NC and I am very interested in the Waldorf method of education but I am just starting to learn.  The closet Waldorf school is almost an hour away.  Does anyone know of a Waldorf community in the Raleigh area or how to start one? 


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I live in Raleigh and I too am very interested in learning more about Waldorf education. The only school I am aware of in this area, is the one in Chapel Hill. Hopefully more folks will respond!


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You could start something via BigTent, yahoo groups, or meetup.com...then advertise it in local health food stores, midwifery practices, even Craigslist. Create an online presence so that when someone Googles "waldorf raleigh" you come up! :)

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Thanks for the ideas ihugtrees .  I am going to wait and see if more folks respond here too...Chapel Hill just seems too far to travel! 

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Less than an hour isn't so bad, IMHO. ;) However I understand you wouldn't want to do it daily. If your kids are young, I'd see if they have a parent-toddler group to join. Those are usually once a week and a great way to meet other families to start an off-shoot community.  Also check yahoo groups to see if there is an online group in your area, or maybe meetup?  You also might want to make the drive for the festivals and things at the nearby school as you certainly might meet other people then as well (if not still enjoyable!).


And you could see if the 'local' school might be willing to let you put a little something in their newsletter once you do start a group.


Are you looking for a 'homeschool' group or just a group for getting together?


ETA: Maybe this thread is useful to you?

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We've been loosely involved in Waldorf here since the fall of 2009. We live at the Durham/Wake border and have always driven 20-35 minutes to do so. We started DD in a home preschool in Hillsborough that used to be part of the Triangle Home Nursery Association, then last year for her kindergarten year she attended one of the Waldorf home nurseries closer to EWS. This year she actually started 1st grade at Emerson Waldorf School.


EWS offers a lot of events open to the public (usually free) that might help steer you in the right direction or help you meet others who can. There are parenting workshops, and Waldorf Education Day (usually in January each year) is very good!! There are also festivals and events, such as the Holiday Faire, that you can get involved in that would only require driving to Chapel Hill for that single day. If you go to the school website, you can click on "Community" at the top right or perhaps "About EWS" at the top left to find contacts. Our Outreach & Marketing Director listed there is also a professional parent educator and an awesome person to contact for anything. If she doesn't have the answer, she can find it for you or connect you with someone who can!


The home nursery ladies are all very valuable resources as well! I wouldn't hesitate to contact them and ask for information. They don't look down upon you if you are new to the concept... they are all willing to teach families about Waldorf education.


Most of the parents I've met through Waldorf education started in the same boat, so to speak, just trying to figure out how to do things! Feel free to PM me with other specific questions.

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We're in Louisiana and drive 40-50 minutes and it's worth it.

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