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I wanted to add that I was really glad that I was able to get the anatomy scan at my OB's office this time. She was quick and got all of the measurements in under 15 minutes. At a local radiology lab where I had all of the diagnostic scans for DD, they would easily take 40-45 minutes. While any danger is controversial, I think that less exposure is always better.
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I've always had at least 1 scan to check things like placental placement, rule out heart defects/spina bifida/things that would change my delivery circumstances (as in, would I need to be in a hospital, a bigger hospital, was vaginal delivery contraindicated)


I am having a 20 week scan this time around for all the same reasons - I declined all the blood testing, but would like to know ahead of time about thinks like spina bifida, heart defects, and want to make sure my placenta is not in a bad place (an added concern since I had a c/s last time)

I had one for these exact reasons.  I'm in the boat of having found an isolated soft marker that may resolve on it's own.  I'm not, however, upset that I had the scan.  I'm just not letting the soft marker finding stress me out, especially given the actual statistical risks related to this particular marker in medical literature.


For me, I feel that the benefits outweigh the risks.  I'm 38/39 so I'm at a little more risk of having a baby with problems.  With a home birth planned, I want to make sure of as much as I possibly can.


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