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I know this sounds dorky, but you are a good role model for me because I am feeling down but have been hesitating thinking something similar about things being situational...but you are so right when you say it's hard to do anything about the situation until I start feeling better.

Good luck, I'll be thinking about you, and thanks.
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I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow and talk about going back on Zoloft.  The depression and anxiety just seem to be getting worse and worse, and it's the only thing that has worked for me in the past.  I still hate to take it while breastfeeding, just since they don't know what, if any, the long term effects could be, but I need to do something before it gets so bad that I'm incapable of doing anything.  With three kids and everything else going on, I can't afford to feel like this any longer.  A lot of it is situational, but I know from experience that I will not be able to do anything about anything if I'm feeling so down, so if I can get to an even place with meds, then maybe I can start to try to fix the situation.  Thank you for all your kind words, I need them right now.  Feeling pretty unsupported in general :(


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Mamareba... for me the second midwife is meant to come when it's looking like birth will be any time. She is there to document when things are going fast. and also be there to provide medical back up if something went wrong with momma and baby. So it if didn't look like the baby was coming soon it would be totally expected for her to go home.


Hugs to all of you. I don't have PPD but am likely dealing with a marriage breakup (years coming)... we are talking it out though so who knows...

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You are all in my thoughts! The baby blues took me totally by surprise after Kai was born. I couldn't imagine feeling like that or part that first month. You mamas are my heros, good for you all for doing what needs to be done!!

Mothering › Groups › September 2011 Birth Club › Discussions › PPD anyone?