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I've mentioned elsewhere that my nearly 3 year old DD is very physical and I've found it challenging to manage her desire to be all over me now that I'm pregnant.  We've talked to her numerous times about being careful around my belly/abdomen especially but it just hasn't been sinking in.  Well tonight she decided she wanted to get up from her chair and get onto the couch, so she stood up on her chair and I took her hand to guide her to the couch but instead she jumped into my lap knees first and made a definite impact to my belly/abdomen area.  So now I'm worried.  I just cried and cried after because it would be hard enough to deal with a miscarriage this far along, but it would be another thing to have one caused by my child.  I just don't know how much of an injury it takes to cause damage at this point. 

Has anyone dealt with anything like this before?

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oh mama- do I dare say dont worry? I bet everything is going to be fine. If your not having problems with the pregnancy otherwise your belly is ok to take some level of impact. As long as your not bleeding or in pain I bet its fine. try and rest and relax and hug DD- Im sure she felt aweful after she realized what she had done greensad.gif


I also am going to guess as your belly continues to grow, your dd will become more aware of it, and wont forget as much.


Hugs hug2.gif

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Hazelbranch:  I have not had that happen yet, but my DS who will be 3 in January like to climb on me.  I know the feeling about being worried.  I am suppose to watch how much lifting I do because of an incompetent cervix.  I try not to lift him as much as I use to but there are times when he just won't walk on his own.  It usually is when i am trying to either take him to daycare or picking him up.  I end up carrying him because of time constraints. 

Are you having any cramping since the incident?  I hope everything is alright and you don't have any problems.  Take care. hug2.gif

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I have had this happen a couple of times this pg.  DS is very physical and I have been kicked (lying in bed) and pushed on with my abdomen. It is uncomfortable, slightly painful, and made me worried.  Everything is fine though. I do find myself kind of guarding my abdomen with my hands in bed or in times when he usually jumps toward me.  I am sorry and I know how you feel.  Hugs and I am betting everything is definitely ok, there is fluid to cushion the babe along with abdominal muscles and fat.  It is a pretty protected area even though it doesnt feel like that. It helped me to think about how hard they push down on your abdomen for an ultrasound or with the doppler to get to the baby. Hope this helps some and that you feel better soon.

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I'd say, don't worry.  Especially if there was no bleeding but you can always call your OB or Midwife and ask.  I was trying to clean out magnetic letters from under the fridge (our cat loves chasing them under it) and my son sat on my lower back twice.  We told him to get off and it wasn't until the second time he stayed off.  While right after he got off the second time I felt an actual kick from the baby and it freaked me out.  I was only 12 weeks at the time.  Apparently nothing bad happened, the baby just made it clear it didn't like the lack of space. 

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Thanks ladies.  There hasn't been any bleeding or significant cramping as of yet so I'm feeling a little more positive. 

She has pushed herself up using my stomach before and had other smaller jumps, but this was the first time it was significant enough to freak me out.  I hope that she does become more aware as my belly grows, but it is driving me crazy in the meantime. 

I feel a bit like a need belly armour or something when she's around. irked.gif

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Oh, wow- I understand your worry! I literally fell flat on my face/belly at 28 weeks during my last pregnancy. I am not a light gal, and my midwife sent me to the hospital right away. I was fine, baby was/is totally fine. One of the nurses told me that babies are so well protected in there- especially relatively early on- they are surrounded by fluid and fat. Call your provider for reassurance, but I bet all is fine!
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