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Breech - looking for advice on how to turn baby

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I was recently able to transfer care from High risk - (perinatologist) to midwife practice, since things have been progressing well.orngbiggrin.gif 

But now baby is breech and I am worried he is getting big and comfy this way - Need help getting him to flip.  Any advice? Anyone else trying to flip a breech? Or successfully done in the past?


Oh and I am 32 weeks today. I have had 2 natural hospital births in the past and was hoping to have a water birth this time.

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I'm 32 weeks and I'm pretty sure the baby is still flipping around, I think we have a few weeks. I bet going swimming would be a good idea, because gravity won't be pushing the baby down so much?

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You can definitely try some of the inversions and such at spinningbabies.com, I know lots of people got their babies to turn that way.


I agree with Mummoth, though, that our babies are still flipping quite a bit at this stage, or at least mine is (I'm 32 weeks also). It'll spend a day or so breech, then a few days vertex, and even still hangs out transverse occasionally. I think we've got a few more weeks before it's a concern.

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From what I've read you have plenty of time for the baby to keep flipping at 32 weeks.

Most OB/midwives don't seem to start worrying about breech until 36 weeks or so.

I am having twins and at my last ultrasound (about 31 weeks) both of mine were breech.  I know they have moved around since then but I don't really know what position they are in now - I suspect baby A is still breech though :(  I am going to the chiro and doing moxibuxsion.  I was doing inversions at the pool but I'm blaming my itchy skin on swimming so I stopped that.  And I'm doing more yoga (cat/cow poses etc).  I also have been listening to hypnobabies turning breech babies track.  I have another ultrasound at 35 weeks (in 2 weeks) so hopefully baby A will have flipped by then.

Good luck flipping your baby.  Keep us updated on how the different techniques work for you.

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I'd agree you have plenty of time!


My last baby was frank breech at 36 weeks. I tried everything on spinning babies to get him to turn and nothing worked. I ended up going to a chiro two days before my 37 week mw appt and he flipped vertex the day between. He then flipped back breech a few days later, but went vertex (and stayed!) after another chiro appt just before my 38 week appt. He was born a few days later and was my smallest at 6.7. Very easy labor at home, though, and was born 40 min after the midwife arrived.


This baby is already playing games, so I think my uterus has been labeled a gymnastics studio. Baby was breech 3 weeks ago, vertex 2 weeks ago (turned right after chiro appt. LOL), and the next week was transverse and I'm pretty sure still is based on all the kicks- ouch! Thankfully after last time my midwives aren't quite as concerned because of my history. Oh, and I'm small, 5'2"and 115 when I'm not pregnant and apparently there is plenty of room- I'm sure this being the 4th has something to do with it. I was actually joking with my mw that I'll just scheduled chiro appts right before my mw appts again, and not come if baby is breech. They wouldn't care except they legally have to transfer care at 37 weeks for breech, so it's better they don't know. I have such fast labors that I wouldn't have time to transfer in labor so I'd still get my homebirth either way- although I'd prefer vertex for obvious reasons!

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Thanks for the advice, You are right, I am probably jumping the gun.   We have plenty of time for him to flip and possibly keep turning around and while I am an average size person (5'4" 125, not pregnant) I have a very - how show I say- ample pelvis.  i.e. crazy wide hips.  So he has got plenty of room. esp cuz it's my third.  I guess I just was so happy to finally get out of the high risk camp (long story) and transfer to the midwives and also interested in the possibility of a water birth, I wanted to be as proactive as I could.  Also - I am terrified of a section.

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fnp-- I've got almost your exact stats, along with the crazy wide hips for my body. It means that baby girl has been sitting supppppper low the whole pregnancy (I'm starting to get lots of comments that she's dropped, but I'm pretty sure she's just been that low the whole time..." Anyways... I'm 34.5 weeks, and I can still feel her flipping quite a bit from day to day, so I wouldn't worry. It's not as comfortable now as it was a month ago, but I can put up with a big of discomfort if it means she flips head down! lol. FWIW, she's been headdown at every appointment from about 25 weeks onwards, but has definitely been transverse and breech in between. She just always seems to settle head down again. 

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Chiming in to say I'm also at 33wks and the baby is regularly flipping every which way still. Does yours change positions? I would guess that there isn't any real point in trying specifically get the baby head down now, if they are still moving around ya know? General optimal positioning (resisting slouching/laying on your back) in general couldn't hurt. I'd save the spinningbabies/chiropractor/ironing board/moxa stuff till 36wks when any change is more likely to "stick" the babe into position.

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