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Meb2--woohoo!  4cm is a lot!  Hoping to read a birth story soon!! joy.gif


Re: membranes' toughness, I've also read that a high caffeine intake will make the bag tougher.  I swept my own membranes with my last two pregnancies multiple times.  My 3rd babe was actually born in the caul (my attempted UC/43-weeker), and my last babe's water broke at like 9.5cm, just before I started pushing.  Maybe i just have really thick bags of water, lol.

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High caffeine intake plus vitamin C increase the bag of water's strength? Look out labor! I've got a tough bag of water!

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This was totally me as well.  I think that as soon as the bag of waters ruptures, the head sinks onto the cervix even harder and contractions become more intense.  I was totally in the hypnozone at 8cm with my first and then the mw at the birth center broke my water and BOOM!  I completely lost focus and the next 2cm were extremely difficult for me.  With my second my water broke on its own while I was in the tub and the contractions definitely got more intense after that as well, but I think I was probably 9cm or so at that point b/c baby came about 30-45 minutes later.


That is SCREWED UP.  Why would they DO that?  I'd be so mad.


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I was SHOCKED when my midwife told me that... I expected to have a low station and maybe be like, 1 cm dilated or something... but 4!?!? WOO-HOO!!! :) 

thumb.gif Awesome!


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That is SCREWED UP.  Why would they DO that?  I'd be so mad.


It was an odd situation.  When I got to the BC the baby's heart rate was too high for their liking.  They gave me another 15 minutes to rest and contract, checked again, and the heart rate was still too high.  So they gave me the option of breaking my water to see if there was meconium or transfer to the hospital for continuous fetal monitoring.  Obviously I chose to have my water broken.  And no meconium.  But the heart rate did go down after that.  I've told this story to a few other care providers (subsequent mw's) and all have said that they see no reason that breaking my water would reduce the heart rate- usually if there is an effect on heart rate it would go up.  So, I believe that had I simply been given more time to relax and settle into my new surroundings that the heart rate would have gone down on its own.  But, in the moment I had no idea that I might want to fight that intervention when the risk of fighting was going to the hospital.  I do recall thinking that breaking my water didn't seem like a huge intervention, but when those contractions ran over me... well, let's just say I was quite paranoid about having my water broken a second time!


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I had my water broken with my first two babes--the first time because I had to go to the hospital for a supposed-42wk induction the next morning ANYway, so, sure, why not?  eyesroll.gif  He came out looking very 39-weeks, which is what I thought all along, but hey, I was 18 and didn't know better.  With my 2nd, again the dates were weird, and she was supposedly 41+something, so I stupidly agreed to let them induce on some random day, no labor symptoms at all.  I was so lucky that my body hauled into action after they broke my water that time--I went from zero labor to baby in like 3.5 hours.  


I can't say that those two labors were any more or less intense than the ones where my water never broke, or broke at the veeeery end--but I do think they were more fearful cause I was "a watched pot", yk?

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:) Ezra Ryan was born last night at 6:46 PM after 2 hours and 46 minutes of labor from first contraction to baby in my arms. :) :) It was SO fast, but he is SO SO SO SO SO perfect and I am so happy. We had to stay at the BC last night because I was bleeding so heavily. :( I will post photos and a longer birth story later but it's snuggle time right now! :) 

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Congratulations, meb2! So happy for you! love.gif

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That's fantastic! Congratulations! :)

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Congrats Meb!

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Yay Morgan!!!!   joy.gif  Sounds like you had a wonderfully fast labor!  Not a surprise since you were walking around at 4cm for a while!  I can't wait to hear the details and see some pics!! 

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Congratulation Morgan! Now rest up and enjoy your baby!!

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Congrats! Happy babymoon!

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Yay! This is so exciting!  Happy babymoon, can't wait to see pics of the sweet little guy.

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Hooray! What a fantastic first labour experience for you, can't wait to hear the details. Congrats and enjoy those first snuggly, sleepy days. 

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yay!  congrats!!  joy.gif

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Congratulations! joy.gif

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I just finally had time to sit down and catch up with everyone. Wow, what an exciting week it's been for you, huh? I will add that I was at a 4 for a week with my first (quite frustrating!) and my labor was 22 1/2 hours. I'm jealous of your fast one :D Probably because you had a better place to birth than I picked with my first ;)

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Congratulations to you! Enjoy every moment with sweet little Ezra Ryan!joy.gif

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