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Moms of 3+ kids...

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I'm just checking to see if there should be a pattern here in regards to when particular women actually delivered their *non induced* babies.  Basically, I'm deciding if I should be worrying about my current kids while planning what's going to happen to them when I go to the hospital.


So, please tell me the general time of day that your babes emerged to the world.  (I'm so hoping that all mine come at night so I don't have to worry about the particulars of childcare!)


1. 5:56a

2. 11:33p


Thanks. :)

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Both my labors started at the same time of day (4:26 pm) but #1 was born at 8:51 am and #2 came at 7:42 pm. I have been wondering about this myself and I will fill you in about #3 in a couple of weeks if I remember.
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- dd2 was born around 9am I think; we left for the hospital at 5am.

- dd3 was born at 6:20pm...but my labor conveniently didn't start until 4:30pm, right as both my dh and my mom, who was to stay with the other girls, pulled in from work :)

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#1 4:10 on her due date

#2 9:15pm at 41+4

#3 3:10 pm at 40 + 2

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My 3 babies have show a similar pattern of birth just the labors have gotten shorter each time. 


#1 - Little questionable as to when actual labor would have started as my doctor stripped my membranes without asking.

       Started labor about 2:00 on Friday morning and delivered at 4:20 on Saturday morning.


#2 - Labor started Friday morning 6:00 am and delivered at 5:55 am on Saturday morning.


#3 - Labor started Friday morning 6:00 am and delivered at 6:24 on Friday evening.


Kinda weird all of my labors started on Fridays.  Who knows.  Maybe I'm more at peace cause I know my husband will be done with work.  Or that's just my bodies pattern.  Will see if number 4 follows the same or not.

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My first started early morning, delivered late afternoon.


My second started after dd1 went to bed, and was fast.  Born 1:25a.


My third started in the middle of the night.  Baby was born just as kids were waking up.  8:02a


My fourth (was induced with acupuncture) started in the morning, kids woke up, and it stalled.  Kids went to bed and baby was born 2 hours later.


I think that's common.  You'll have your baby at a good time.  It may not be what you are planning or think is best now, but things will work out for the best. :)

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#1, labor began around 11PM, she was born 11:46AM the day after my due date

#2, labor began around 10PM, he was born 5:55AM right exactly on my due date

#3, labor began around 3AM, she was born 9:10AM the day before she was due


I had me sister on call 24/7 the last few weeks of my pregnancy.  She lived an hour away at the time and the poor thing drove here in the wee hours of the morning twice before I actually went into labor.  Her job was just the kids, nothing else, and it worked out really well.  DH and I could focus on delivering our new little one and know the kids were A-OK.


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I went into labor with the first 3 during the early morning hours, around 5ish or so. 


DD1 was born at 10pm

DD2 was 11 am

DS1 was 9 am


With DS2 I had early labor all day long starting at about 10am. I finally went to bed that night at 10pm thinking I'd either wake up in labor or not but it was time to get some sleep. I slept not even an hour. eyesroll.gif He was born at 3am on the dot. That labor was actually the easiest when it came to child care for the others since they were all asleep!

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#1: Started around 10 pm, baby was born about 9:30 am (8:30 actually, but the clocks went back that night, so it would have been 9:30)

#2: Started around 10 - 11 pm, baby was born about 9:30 am

#3: Started around 12 am, baby was born about 3 am

#4: Started around 11 pm, baby was born about 3:30 am

#5: Started around 11 pm, baby was born about 3 am


So, pretty consistent for me, though the first two were later.  And I'm not 100% sure of the times.  But for the last three, I don't think any were before 2 am or after 4 am.

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Hmm IIRC--I woke up with contractions with baby#1 at 11 pm and he was born the next morning.


baby #2, labor started with a bang at 9 am (and I was 42+ w), born 4 hours later


baby #3, woke up with contractions at 2 am (also 42+ w), born 4 hours later


So no real pattern for me except short labors

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I am counting on not feeling relaxed enough to go into labor if it's during the day.  I would not have enough people close by to help . . I'd need someone for the kids and someone to drive me to the hospital.  If the person has kids, they would not fit in one car w/ours, so I'd need two people.  May have to call a cab, but like you, hoping this will be a nighttime/early morning thing.


DD1: Don't know when I was actually in labor with her-- I would say real cx I could feel started at maybe 1 or 2 p.m. and she was born at almost 4 p.m.  It was a weird scenario, though-- bleeding tremendously, couldn't feel baby move, so I was in the hospital by about 10 a.m. for them to check on the baby.  Did not feel cx but they said I was having them at that point.  7 days early.  DH had left for work, but not that far.  Was with me the whole time in hospital, when I had cx I could feel.


DD2:  Little cramping started at 10 p.m., bloody show by midnight, real cx at about 3 a.m., and she was born by almost 6 a.m.  11 days early.  (I was charting.)  My husband was home, mom was nearby.


DD3: Cramping in the a.m.  Regular cx about 4 or 5 p.m., went to the hospital by about 7 p.m., born at 8 p.m.  14 full days early (I was charting).  Real cx did not start until after my mom was here to help with kids.


DD4: Woke up at 6:30 a.m. (a SUNDAY, which so great) with cx, water broke at 7:30 a.m., and baby born by 8:30 a.m.  Born maybe 4 days early.  Everyone was home, but mom did not come quickly so had to have friend watch kids while we went to the hospital. 


A homebirth would make this a lot easier. 



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My first (natural hospital birth) I got to the hospital at 4:30PM ish on Thursday, 4-5 cm and she was born at 7:30PM. (Dr. did break my water at 5.) 39 w 4 days


Second went to birth center at 11 pm ish because we were afraid if we waited too long we wouldn't make it after #1s fast birth. He was born at 4:30 am on Thursday. 39 w 1 day


Third called mw at 5pm Friday night, she arrived at 7 and I was 7 cm (I had told her not to hurry, lol) broke my water at 7:50ish when I asked and I was 7/8 cm. He was born <5 min later. We only waited because we were waiting for someone to come be with my almost 2 yr old since no one else but my DH and 5yo DD were there. Glad we waited! (DH had stayed home all day since I thought I was in labor Thrs, so I was relaxed in the house and he was outside with the kids all day. I'm sure that helped, even though I wasn't really in active labor till 5 when I called the mw- and even then I still did two loads of laundry before she got there. Yes, laugh. I did laundry.) 38 w 6 days


Honestly, I really liked the evening births. Just enough time to have dinner and then snuggle into bed for the night with a new cuddly baby. I didn't miss a whole night of sleep, although I don't remember getting a lot of sleep either night before because both times I knew baby was coming very soon. I've been telling this baby I've ordered another birth like #3- just make sure to wait till the midwife gets here.

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#1: went to birth center at 11PM, baby at 4:20AM. 38w1d

#2: homebirth- early labor all day, active labor started a little after 2, baby born at 5PM. 40w4d

#3: homebirth- early labor in the evening, petered out and I went to sleep. active labor started around 8:15am, baby born at 9:07AM. 40w4d


so, mine have been all over the place I guess.

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I have gone into labor in the middle of the night with all three of mine and gave birth 12 hours later between 2 and 5:30 pm. I guess I'm pretty consistent, haha! They were born at 39+4, 40+1, and 39 weeks.

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#1 - labor began at 10pm, delivered at 4:20am

#2 - labor began at 5:30pm, delivered at 7:18pm

#3 - labor began at 5:00pm, delivered at 8pm


I have had all evening/night deliveries.  i hope this one will be convenient too :)


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Ok, I'm back to say my third didn't follow the pattern.


#1, 4:26 pm - 8:51 am 40 weeks 1 day

#2 4:26 pm - 7:42 pm 39 weeks 4 days

#3 1 am - 7:22 am 39 weeks


No logic at all except #2 came while #1 was napping and #3 came while #1+2 were away.

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