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Cozy Baby fleece sling is so much better then KK

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How come I never hear anyone ever talk about these slings?

I always hear raves about KK fleece pouch and I have to say I like my Cozy Baby SO much better. I bought one last year and it has an adjustable zipper instead of the snaps that KK has - so much nicer.

I bought my friend a KK fleece pouch (love buying different slings to compare!) and all the fabric on KK around the shoulder drove me nuts. I felt like my whole arm was constricted. Yuck.

The Cozy Baby carrier I have has a much tapered shoulder area. And I actually bought the windpro fleece so it is a thicker fleece, but great for winter.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else out there has the Cozy Baby and if you like it. Am I all alone????
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Link, please?

And I don't know....I don't think anything could sway me from my loyalty to the KK adjustable fleece. I've been using it for a year and a half now and I still love it!
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I looked for one of these last winter but I don't think they make them anymore?
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I don't know - I know she did close for awhile. Maybe I'll e-mail her when I get a chance.....
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It doesn't look like she's taking orders Too bad 'cause I've never had any success with our KKAFP. It's one of the few slings that just didn't work for us. I think it must be a dud because I'm pretty sling-wearing savvy and I find it next to impossible to get ds into it easily, the rails are not stretchy at all and they've left awful marks on his legs no matter how accurately I adjust them. I, too, dislike the shoulder restriction. Anyway a bit OT there. If the Cozy Baby fleece were available I might check it out.
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I've looked at that Cozy Baby site for a year and have never seen the site open . . .when did you get yours?
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I bought mine Christmas 2002. I e-mailed her today to see if she is open so I will let you know.
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Equanimity Baby also makes a fleece pouch with Malden Mills fleece. I don't know if it's adjustable, though.

Do the zippers on the other one work like the zippers on the MWAP? In other words, does it create a fold or flap when you bring the zippers together, or can the two ends of the sling come completely apart?
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The sling comes completely apart on the Cozy Baby when you unzip it.
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I guess one reason I'd go for the KK is that I specifically wanted a pouch-style carrier. But it looks like a nice sling!
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The Cozy is a pouch-style carrier. And the Equanimity is adjustable with zippers, too. But it's pretty bulky around the shoulder like the KK. I've never seen a Cozy in person. But they sure look cute!
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Heard back from Cozy Baby

It took a couple weeks but I heard back from Abby at Cozy Baby Sling company and she said the are in the middle of moving out of state so have closed the store for awhile. She said she would e-mail me when they re-opened....

Just thought I would share the info....
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