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'Witching' and hoping for BFPs ~*~ The ONE THREAD ~*~ October 23 - October 30 - Page 5

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Congrats, scowgirl!  I know the spotting can be scary, but I had many days of implantatation spotting starting on 11 dpo when I was pregnant with DS.  The spotting can be very normal during early pregnancy.  I hope you have a happy & healthy 9 months! smile.gif As for B6, I am currently taking 100 mg too, but plan to go down to 75 mg after getting a BFP, then maybe go down to 50 mg after a few weeks.  I would most likely have terrible morning sickness again and hope that the B6 will help with that.

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mamaforever--Thank you, thank you for sharing your experiences with spotting and for the info on the B6. The information I was finding seemed to say 50 mg was an OK dose too, so it is good to see that I might not be totally off base.
Carlin--Thank you so much for the good thoughts. You are all terrific. Here I just blew in here a few days ago and you are all being so kind and helpful. I may be 35 but I feel like a clueless teenager about TTC. :) Your 11-day report sounds great! When were you planning to test again?
gratefulstella--Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, and I am so sorry for your loss. GOOD LUCK with catching that egg!! It sounds like you definitely have the timing figured out. I was relieved (when doing a little dr. googling last night) to see that it looks like the kind of cream I have (Emerita Pro-gest) might be OK during pregnancy, and it sounds like your midwife concurred with that. I'm definitely going to keep using it until I hear otherwise from my midwife.
AFM my temp went back up a smidge (I'm sure it's not statistically significant, but at least it didn't go down), and the spotting has stopped for the time being. I got another + this morning on a FRER, but if anything it is lighter than yesterday, which makes me nervous. I also got a slightly stronger + on a ClearBlue test, but I've heard here that those are tougher to interpret. So, just waiting to see what happens next. Guess I better support the economy and buy some more tests today. orngtongue.gif
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andthestars is going to have to write her book because this morning i woke up to a huge temp spike and.....




we are so over the moon and i can't thank you ladies enough for your support over the past three months!


that said, who wants the thread keepers luck?!

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Oh my goodness, I go away for a few days and come back to a load of BFPs!!!!

Congrats to all!

reelala: What a beautiful BFP!!!! Congrats!

scow: Congrats and FX for a sticky bean! I bled with my DD, more than spotting... it scared me to death. However, she's here and very healthy so hopefully that's the case with you.

AFM: Not much going on... my Grandpa is still hanging on and is doing pretty good. No false hope that he's going to get better but the kids and I are going to see him today, which is good. smile.gif My chart looks different than every other month.... it just keeps rising. I imagine it has to stop and level out sometime soon. I'm 7dpo today and pretty hopeful for a little July bean. I'm not sure how much longer we are going to actively TTC if it doesn't happen soon... I'm getting tired of hoping every month and being let down and while we'll never avoid, I'm just ready to move on... How to get past the want/hurt for another baby, I don't know but I will try to explore it. Hopefully I won't have to and will have a BFP in 6 days. smile.gif
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line is much darker today.  yay



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CONGRATS REELALA!  So happy for you!  joy.gif


Keep reading for someone else with a BFP.... winky.gif

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BFP for me too!  I've taken 3 tests (all internet cheapies) and all are faint positives!  This one was taken yesterday at 12 dpo.  I had implantation spotting Friday night and a little yesterday, and now nothing.  I hope and pray that many more BFPs are to follow from many others!



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My goodness... Congrats Sharlla (I knew I missed someone earlier, sorry!) and Congrats to mamaforever too!! Such a wave of BFPs! I'm really hoping it's contagious! joy.gif
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c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s, scowgirl, reelala, Sharlla, and mamaforever!!!!!!! I love it! Did I miss anyone? There are so many freakin' glorious BFPs!


Scowgirl: Hoping everything is just fine...my first thought was implantation bleeding. Good sign that it has stopped for now. Hang in there! I know you must be going crazy.


Reelala: Now, is this the result of the pineapple core? Yes, let's get the book, andthestars!


Sharlla: What a relief after waiting all that time!


And yay, mamforever!!


Do I have enough exclamation points in here? biggrinbounce.gif


FX for everyone else...it's all sounding good! Attached2Elijah, wonderful that you and the kids get to see your grandpa again. Hugs to your family.


AFM: AF is due this coming Thursday. I stopped charting and STILL haven't gotten a new thermometer, so I'm just letting this cycle run its course without the assistance of my dear Fertility Friend. I don't really feel pregnant...but then I didn't with my DD in the beginning (except for a REALLY sore left breast about 10 dpo...something I'm def not experiencing now). So we'll see, but I'm guessing I'll need to use that new thermometer next month (if I ever go out and buy it, that is!). Luckily I've been distracted with an intensive Spanish course and my in-laws being in town, so the 2WW doesn't seem so interminable this time. smile.gif

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Ahhhh!!!!! Holy cow! It's like a pregnancy test store threw up in here! energy.gif


SO happy for all of you!!!! scowgirl, reelala, Sharlla, mamaforever - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!





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Thank  you for all the happy thoughts! We need a thread keeper this week ladies it is super fun and easy I can message you with instructions!

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What the heck, I'll be the keeper. 


I think I remember how to do it from back in 2004... LOL


NEW THREAD IS UPhttp://www.mothering.com/community/t/1334536/the-one-thread-october-30-november-6#post_16724584


Sorry for the lack of a creative title...

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glad to see so many bfps!!!!

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Holy Cow, what an awesome morning for the One Thread! Congratulations Reelala and MamaForever! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif Wishing you both a happy, healthy and completely uneventful 9 months!


A2E, That sounds very promising! hug2.gif I'm so glad you and your kids are getting to spend some quality time with your Grandfather. Although it is of course bitter sweet, it sounds like taking this time for you and your children that will ensure he lives in your memories even after he's gone.


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Holy crap! Talk about a streak of bfp's! I am so happy for all of you!

Reelala: Yayyyyy! I saw your bfp and went and grabbed a carrot which I am currently munching on (crunch, crunch, crunch)

Mama forever: Yaaayyy! I am truly happy for you! Awesome!

Scowgirl: I'm sending you some crazy sticky vibes! Can you feel them? I know how scary that can be. I just say my naturopath and she told me to keep using small doses of progesterone cream throughout pregnancy, which reminds me I have to pick mine up tomorrow smile.gif

Carlin: I'm feeling really hopeful for you!

AFM used up my opk's without getting a +, but I got an almost + yesterday and I always get progressively deeper lines so I'm 90% sure I would get a + today. DH and I have been keeping up the daily bd sessions and hopefully will continue for a few more wink1.gif. I'm so eating pineapple core this cycle! All these bfp's are seriously motivating. You all are awesome and the rest of you keep up the good work! Let's keep this streak going!
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Thank you for thinking of me ladies - I tested this morning. BFN. I'm kinda sad - because AF hasn't shown up either. Last year this time my periods disappeared for 6 months. They just came back in May. I'm really hoping this isn't a repeat of that. I want to cry but I'm going to try and relax and hope for the best. I was REALLY hoping to get preggers this next cycle.


Good luck to you KnittenKitten and everyone else hoping to get BFPs this cycle.

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Oh my heavens!  Will you look at all of those BFPs!!!




Here's hoping for a lot of sticky July beans!!  Stick babies stick!




AFM, I'm so glad I could do my part by drinking alcohol and eating sushi and sub sandwiches on all y'all's behalf while I hang out waiting to O.  Still have about a week to go.  2whistle.gif

To keep myself busy, I'm going to go look at all of those beautiful double lines some more and stalk some charts.

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AF came early this morning.. so now I'm officially waiting to O. Really hoping to get preggers this cycle. I wanna be lucky like a lot of you ladies!

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