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As of this weekend, my "only when I'm pregnant" heartburn/reflux has kicked in and it's AWFUL!!! We went away for the weekend and I ate more junk then I normally would so I am sure that this had contributed to it. I was actually awakened last night with horrible heartburn and reflux. Perhaps this is what I am getting because I have had only mild nausea so far. I am 11 weeks tomorrow. Anyone else yet? Any suggestions?

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I've had it a couple times so far but it's not consistent yet, thank goodness.  I remember by the 3rd trimester last pregnancy I kept Tums by my bed.  I read something online with tips to avoid it, smaller meals, eating slowly, avoid spicy/acidic foods, drink less while eating, and don't lay down right after eating.  I also remember propping my self up with more pillows when sleeping helped, although was annoying. 

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I've got heartburn BAD right now. I'm trying to determine whether its safe to have marshmallow root tea during pregnancy. Earth Mama Angel Baby is marketing one to pregnant ladies with heartburn (http://www.earthmamaangelbaby.com/heartburn-tea.html)  but of course there are also a zillion websites telling you to ask your doctor or midwife before using during pregnancy. I frequently get annoyed with that suggestion because it leaves you vulnerable to the bias of your own provider, who may or may not be better informed about the issue than you are. I mean, I get that healthcare providers SHOULD be making individualized recommendations. Unfortunately, I work in healthcare so I know that what happens behind the scenes is often based on our best guess and interpretation of preliminary scientific evidence or worse, the general consensus of a political lobbying body like ACOG. Anyhow thats another rant. Anybody have any experience with marshmallow root tea?

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My extremely painful reflux from the weekend seems to have subsided with three things I've done this week:


1) papaya enzymes

2) probiotics

3) warm glass of milk in the evening


I haven't even opened the Tums once this week, and I want to underscore that last weekend my heartburn was so bad that I couldn't sleep, I had to chomp on Tums throughout the night, and was doubled over in burning pain from anything consumed - whether bowl of oatmeal in the AM or tacos for dinner (more obvious culprit).


Also I wanted to mention that my prenatal vitamins say "ask your doctor or midwife before using during pregnancy"?!?! eyesroll.gif I know that certain herbs are to be taken seriously -- and teas are included - and I don't know anything about marshmallow root tea ... but I think it's a liability issue... 


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If you're having regular reflux, the first thing to look at is your diet.  I know many mamas who can cut out one or two things from their diet and have it go away - I'm one of them.  For me grains is a HUGE culprit, particularly wheat.  But once it starts, any grain can keep it going.  A week or two of an elimination diet may be worth the hassle if it's really bothering you.  Reflux can do damage to your esophagus over time, so you want to do what you can to minimize it. 


Between meals, try ginger - ginger chews, candied ginger, true ginger ale (avoid the mainstream stuff in cans, look for the stuff in glass bottles, it has more ginger), ginger tea, etc.  Even some fresh grated ginger in a glass of water.

After meals try enzymes.  Some people use papaya, I use digestive, which I find to be more effective, but they are also harsher. 

At meals try to eat a balance of foods, plenty of veggies.


If you're noticing a pattern of type of food (fried, greasy, lots of grains, spicy, whatever), then obviously try cutting out that type and see if it helps.  If it's linked to the time of day (usually evening), it may be time to start eating 2 smaller dinners, one early, one later so you don't have as much in your tummy when you try to lay down. 




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My ob said take two pepcid a day for two weeks and then as needed after that. I know its not a natural fix to it but man am I much happier that I'm not having the heartburn nearly so badly. Hope you feel better soon! 



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I get heartburn over anything and EVERYTHING, not kidding either. I eat tums like candy, heartburn prevention and relief does NO good, and I am awakened EVERY night because of it.

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Oh, another thing that I've heard does well, and I actually had a chance to try it out this weekend is almonds.  Preferably raw, but I think mine were roasted/unsalted and they still worked.  I was driving home from taking DS to visit his great-grandma (2 hour drive each way), he was asleep, it was dark, and I couldn't find my bottle of enzyme pills, so I just grabbed the pkg of almonds instead, and it did the job. 


I seem to be at the point where I need to practice avoidance.  I'm surprised it took this long, since i reached this point much earlier in the pg with DS.  Not looking forward to it, but at the same time I suppose it's better than dealing with the heartburn every day. 

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Someone posted about almond milk helping too - so maybe almonds are a heartburn aide! 

I also think avoidance/much smaller portions might be the answer...but it's so hard!

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I've reliably treated heartburn during pregnancy with almond milk through all 5 pregnancies.  Eating almonds helps, too.  But I will just get a glass of almond milk and sip it until the heartburn subsides.  Best to catch it at the beginning before it gets bad!


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I've had some success using Lifeway Kefir to help with this. I also use papaya enzyme. 

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Looks like elimination diet time for me.  I don't know if it's stress that's exacerbating it, or if my tummy is just that scrunched at this point, but it's gotten really bad in the last week or so. 


So that means eliminating grains and sugar from my diet.  Fun. 

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