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I had a baby!

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On 10-17 at 5:11pm Finley Emmett was born via c-section.  He was 27w5d and weighed 2lbs 3oz, measuring 14 1/4 inches long.  He's doing very well considering.  He will be in the NICU for several months.


Sorry the first pic is blurry, it's a pic of a pic.







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Welcome to the world, Fin!  I can't wait to hear about your journey out of the hospital and to your home. :)

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Welcome to the world Fin! And congratulations to you both, Mama and Papa! Lots of healthy, go home soon wishes coming your way :-)

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what a wee little man.  beautiful pics.  I hope that his NICU stay is uneventful and you are both able to heal and you get him home as soon as you can.  My friend had a very similar story, her daughter was born at 29.5 weeks and spent 2 months in the NICU, she is now a thriving almost 3 year old with NO complications.  

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He's so beautiful! I'm praying for speedy recoveries for you both. Keep us updated!

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Hugs to you mama!! And congratulations on your sweet baby boy!!! <3

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Oh my gosh congratulations mama!  Your son is beautiful!!!  Please keep us updated, I am wishing you and Finley a speedy return home!  I have a family member who just turned 8 last week who was born just shy of 30 weeks, just a few ounces bigger than Fin, and he is an incredibly intelligent and healthy boy, no issues since he left NICU all those years ago.

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Welcome to this beautiful world, Finley!!!  Hang in there, MadelinesMama, we're all rooting for you and your little boy!!  My ex-boyfriend was 2 lbs. when he was born and grew into a tall, strong, and intelligent man, as will your little one.  Best of luck!!

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wow, you've given me the shivers!  he's a beautiful little guy!  i hope his NICU stay is speedy and uneventful, that the road ahead is smooth, and that you all share a happy homecoming soon.  please keep us updated!


welcome, finley!

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Welcome to the world little one! May your stay in NICU be uneventful and may you go home with your family sooner than expected.

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Welcome to the world, little Finley!  May you grow big and strong so you can take care of your mama. heartbeat.gif

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Congrats!!  Welcome to the world little Finley.  I love the name - we considered it too!  I also had a friend have a baby at 27 weeks a few months ago and her little girl is doing wonderfully!  Best wishes for you all!  It's hard to believe our little ones have already started arriving!

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Wow! Congratulations to you and your family! Its just so amazing. I hope that the baby's  stay in the nicu is uneventful, and you get to take him home as soon  as   as he is ready. How long  would you expect him to stay in the nicu?


I love the name too.


Congratulations again and many blessings to you and the family


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Wow, congratulations! I hope he is home very soon and that his NICU stay is downright boring (as much as it possibly can be).  Welcome to the world little man!

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Thank you for all the wonderful wishes and thoughts!  It's so nice to know so many people are rooting for him.


The neonatologist told us to expect him to stay in the NICU until around his original due date which is January 11th. 

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Congrats!  Definitely rooting for him!


ETA - ACK!  And you!  Sorry, posting before coffee again.

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Congratulations! Grow strong little Fin!

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Congrats!  LOVE the name, and he is adorable!  Hoping for an uneventful NICU stay.


Please keep us updated on his progress.  :)

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Congrats!! Hope all goes well hug2.gif

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Holy cow, a baby already?! congratulations!  Hope all goes well and you are able to bring Finley home soon! January 11th is a great day, its my birthday winky.gif


Just curious- what happened that he was delivered so early?  I am so paranoid about going into early labor with this one!

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