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What a beautiful little boy! Glad to hear he is doing well! And you look fantastic :)

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He is getting big! Congrats, mama! Is he old enough to do kangaroo care? And how you are you feeling? Thinking of you. grouphug.gif

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You're a beautiful woman, Mama! You look amazing! WTG Finley!

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It's been a little over a month since I did an update on Finley.  Since then he has gone from 2lbs 11oz to a whopping 5lbs 4oz!  He was moved out of his isolette into an open crib.  He was extubated and is on a high flow nasal cannula requiring about 50% oxygen.  Last Tuesday he got his first bottle and did pretty well!  He has been taking one bottle a day since then.  We are working on breastfeeding.  He's very eager, it's just a little hard for him to get a good latch because his mouth is so small.  He has even started giving us a few smiles!  Things are going pretty well.  I wish he wasn't requiring so much oxygen support, but I can't complain because things are soooo much better than they were a month ago.  Here are a few pics of how he has grown in the past month.





Being held by Daddy for the first time




Enjoying kangaroo care



Look Mom I finally get to wear clothes!!!

fin guitar outfit.jpg



Look at this big 5lbs boy.. chubby cheeks and double chin.  I love it!

chubby face.jpg


big boy.jpg

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I'm so glad to see these pictures and your updates!  Yay Finley!!!!!

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He looks great. Congratulations, mama! Wow, what a journey. 

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Beautiful! Great job Finley and Mama (and Dad)!

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Oh, my, he's simply stunning!  Look at how big he is.

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What a wonderful update! He definitely looks twice the size now :)

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Oh sheesh, look at him... he's so beautiful.  I'm tearing up a little.  So glad to read this update and hear that he's made so much progress.

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Such a beautiful boy and family!! So glad to hear he's doing so well! I want to kiss his chubby cheeks :) Thanks for the update.

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finley is looking fantastic!  he's really filling out!  way to persevere, guys- i know it's a tough road, but he's clearly making great progress.  <3

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He's beautiful. Makes me wanna cry. Im so glad things are going well for him.

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He looks so great!!! I'm in tears now, he's so beautiful

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He looks so great!! I love the chubby cheeks :) Glad to see you are all doing well thumb.gif

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He looks amazing! Way to go, Mama! luxlove.gif

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Oh my gosh, what an insanely beautiful boy!  And your update is making me tear up, he's doing so well. So so so happy for you!

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I was just thinking the other day that we hadn't heard from you in awhile. He looks great! Glad t o know he's doing so well. Please keep us updated.

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He looks amazing!  I'm so happy for you and your family!!

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Thank you all! 

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