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We got to bring Finley home from the hospital yesterday!!!  It's not easy keeping up with all of the medications and breathing treatments, but we are sooo happy to have him home with us. I will post new pics soon!  He was 7lbs 12 oz and 20 inches long at discharge.

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That's awesome; I'm SO happy for you!!!

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happy homecoming, finley!  you've had a lot of people cheering for you!


i'm sure you guys must be so relieved to have him home with you, finally!  i hope he continues to get big and strong, and that each day you have with him is better than the last.  congratulations!  orngbiggrin.gif

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How exciting!  Welcome home, Finley!!

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Yay!!!!  Welcome home, Finley!

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Hurray Finley! joy.gifCan't wait to see those pics!

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Great news! I was just thinking the other day he must be getting close to coming home.

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Oh, how wonderful mama!  What a happy day that must have been for you and your family.  Welcome home Finley!

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What great news! Congratulations on the official homecoming.

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