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DH was the evil wizard, who changed DS (our prince) into the Frog Prince.

DD was the Frog Princess (can you see her froggie boots?) 

And Mama was the froggie's lily pad!  


Here's a better photo of the kids: 


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What a creative bunch. I love all these costumes and seeing all of your families. Very nice.

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168 days old!
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Who doesn't want an extra piece of pie?

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IMG_4424.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                          Our sweetest heart tends to be quite the stinky boy- yet adored he is! I have never sewed before and was unfamiliar with all of the sewing terms. When I opened the skunk pattern, I knew I was in for it! He was a young trooper as I fastened that "foreign object" around his head! He kept trying to look left and right to figure out what on earth mama was doing to his head :-)

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Our sweet little 168 day old (not even 6 months) stinker of a baby boy. And my first ever sewing project and costume! It must have been the material supporting him- this was the first time he sat without support long enough for a photo!


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Tackling a skunk costume as a first time sewing sure was interesting- my sweetie excitedly sniffling and babbling from the floor as I opened the pattern and googled definitions to all the sewing terms online. He sure was a good sport; confused as he was, looking left and right, and questioning what foreign object mama was strapping to his curly little head. All the comotion did not cause him to cease to drop a few bombs for us. What gifts :-)


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lego men? very sweet! what cheer

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(rethought entry :))

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Joshua's just 3 months old...Dad's helping him out a little for his internet debut.

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My children and I are dressed to attend a church service in the 1920s. :)

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Our youth ministry dressed up every week in October: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and the New Millennium!  Here is our 1980s... My daughter wanted us to have matching leg warmers so I made us some!  We are even wearing original twist-a-beads and actual bows I made and wore in the 1980s!



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The movie Bambi was our theme for our family's costumes this year. My nearly 3-year-old daughter was Bambi, dad was Bambi's Father, 5-month-old son was Friend Owl from Bambi, and mom was the owl's tree. I made all the costumes myself, except the owl hat, which I had custom-made by someone on Etsy. I wore my baby on my chest using my Moby Wrap, then disguised the wrap using a big brown maternity shirt with a deep V in front so that it looked like the owl was poking out a hole in a tree.









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our baby mermaid! 

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catchin' us a mermaid! ;)

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Say your prayers and take your vitamins, brother!



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